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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 51 -


Know your limits! Watch out, the speed limit is…..! You are now over the limit! 
There is a complete booklet telling you what a limit is. What is a limit, actually? 
Since the day we arrived here on earth, we have heard from our parents and people 
around us what is possible and what is not. All these things are limitations. Our body 
is subject to many limitations, we think, and that is why we are always looking at 
limitations, things that seem impossible to do. Impossible, because our way of 
thinking limits us. But it's just as easy to think of the opposite of the word limit. 
Unlimited: Everything is possible, you can do everything you want to do. Whatever is 
in your mind, you can do, what you want to accomplish, will be done.

Let me start at the beginning. Limitations are a way of thinking. If you believe that you 
cannot carry those rolls of toilet paper, you will not manage to carry them. If you believe 
that toilet paper is like a feather, you can carry many rolls together. People believe 
that some things can be done and other things are impossible. There are also people 
who go to the limits of what the human body can do. They fly around the world to climb 
the highest mountains. Some can hold their breath for 15 minutes, others walk blind 
through a city, without any problem. Why can some do so, while others cannot? 
Have you ever thought about this? These people, who do extraordinary things are no 
superheroes or supernatural aliens! They are ordinary people, who believe in their task, 
knowing what their energy can do!

Let me give you a personal example. I believe that everything is possible and so I 
moved one of my sculptures, which weighs 400 kilograms. I did this all by myself, 
because I knew I could do it. One day I decided to walk on fire. After some 
meditation and truly believing that I could, I did so. Afterwards, my feet were still intact.
I love to walk. My wife and I believe we can do everything by foot. We walked over 
10 km a day for quite a long time, and over 25 km in the weekends. Then a time came 
when we walked 80 km in one night. Later we went further and walked 200 km in 
4 days. We accomplished this, because we believed it was possible. Being afraid of 
heights was a big problem for me. One day I got up, believing I had the confidence that 
I could climb the hill behind our house and so I did, without any fear.

Believe, believe that everything is possible. Before you start to believe you can fly, think 
about it very clearly, how you will manage that! It is not just a simple thought that makes 
you able to walk through walls, or fly, but everything is possible, as long as your body is 
in a state of total self-confidence.

Limitations are imprinted on our brain. As I said above, when we were born, we learned 
what is possible and what is not. Forget all that and you will see THERE ARE NO LIMITS. 
I know it is hard to believe and if you only "try" to walk through that wall, you will surely end 
up with a broken nose or a serious headache. Between just telling yourself and reality, 
there is a big difference and a long road to go. That man who climbed the highest 
mountain did not think the day before: "Oh, let me climb the highest peak tomorrow".  
NO, years passed between that first thought and the action. It's the same way in life. 
Do not expect that you can do anything you think of the next day. But if you make a plan, 
prepare yourself, then one day you will accomplish it. 

(Chapter 51)




"Being human is helping each other"


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