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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 50 -


Drugs have changed the world completely. The term drugs includes not only cocaine, 
heroine, cannabis and xtc, but also alcohol, caffeine, medicine and cigarettes. 
What all these products have in common, is that they cause the user to have less 
control over the body. A human body is created completely in balance. The body 
knows what to do in life, working together with the soul to fulfill the task that needs to 
be done.

The use of drugs is as old as mankind. Long ago, medicine men - and before that 
witches - used a wide variety of plants with the intention to help others. Rituals were 
needed, so as to make the medicine they had made, work better. Their medicine was 
taken with the respect that the product needed. Pain was relieved by taking small 
amounts of medicine, and the person who had suffered was able to continue and fulfill 
his task. In some parts of the world, these rituals are still being used by people who, 
just like in the old days, believe in the power of the plants and minerals. The same 
happens in the world of animals, who know exactly what to take when it is necessary. 
Many people today are in pain and cannot manage their lives. The modern world is 
overwhelmed by negative energy and people cannot handle the pain. They have no 
solution for getting out of this situation, or to handle all this negative energy. This is 
where people start using drugs in the wrong way. There is no ritual and doctors 
prescribe great quantities of medicine, which is taken without being aware of the 
consequences. Working days have become longer and we work harder, because we 
need the money. To manage, we drink coffee to stay awake longer. But we take the 
stress home with us and then have some alcohol to temporarily forget the problems 
at work. Eventually, we become totally depressed. To cope with this, we smoke some 
pot or take some heroine. There are also pills that can make us feel good. But what we 
forget is that these products are not pure, many chemicals having been added to them. 
Chemical products, such as xtc and other pills, have taken over the world. All are made 
to make us feel good, to give us the energy we think we need, and to enable us to go 
on working in a world we think we can handle. There are no more rituals, and everything 
is based on chemicals. The main problem that arises after a while, is that we need 
more and more. When we can no longer afford to pay the price, we must find some 
way to get it. By taking these drugs, our body dies bit by bit. At the same time we must 
work harder, to get the money we need. In the long run, the body will give up and die. 
The time of waiting before it dies, can be long, because there is something that still 
believes in going on. Wake up, stop taking these pills and drugs, and restore yourself. 
The soul can do it if you want, but it needs the brain, and the brain is dying faster than 
your body. The path to recovery is long, but as long as you keep making progress, 
you will eventually come out as a strong new person. However, one thing will never be 
the same again, your brain! The brain cannot restore itself completely and can no longer 
make the clear connections as a normal human being does. The brain will be damaged, 
which will remain a problem for the rest of your life. However, everything is possible.
Your goals will be adapted and your limits will be different.

A drug such as alcohol, is terrible because it breaks down the body completely. 
Organs no longer function properly and parts of the brain die forever. Cigarettes are 
more like fashion items. But people who smoke, need nicotine. As a consequence, 
their lungs and other parts of the body are damaged. Coffee and tea look innocent, 
but these are drugs too, stimulating the body and preventing it from getting the rest it 
needs. Most medicines are no more than drugs, because they suppress the senses, 
telling the body: "It is okay now". At the same time, the body only gets sicker and 
sicker. Most of the time, medicines only bottle up the illness. Drugs such as cocaine 
and cannabis, made from natural products, but mixed with chemicals by chemical 
processes, are detrimental to the entire body. The worst is that the brain gets 
damaged forever, which makes these drugs even more dangerous. Xtc and all those 
other chemical pills, for extra power or energy, are relatively new, but these are set to 
become the biggest threat to human life.

A human body needs to restore itself. It needs the rest and the extra attention that it 
asks for. Depriving your body from the attention it needs, is the first step towards 
breaking it down. As I wrote, the soul has the patience to help you, if you ask for it. 
The soul is capable of helping you whenever you want, as long as you are willing to 
listen. Try to help the addicts. When you succeed, the soul can do its work from the 
inside. There is a lot to be said about drugs, but one thing is clear: All these people 
want to escape, escape from a normal human life with its problems that need to be 
solved. For those who keep using drugs, their whole stay on earth will be worthless 
and without meaning. The only message is: DO IT AGAIN! Go back, settle this 
situation and make the best of it. Those who succeed, will have done a great job. 
They have come back and have worked their way back to life. A life with some 
limitations, because of the damage to the brain, but they will manage. Wake up, stop 
destroying your body, because this road leads nowhere. You will keep coming back, 
until you have overcome this problem. So why not do it right now?

(Chapter 50)




"Being human is helping each other"


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