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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 5 -

A world of forgiveness

So much is happening around the world, we only need to open a newspaper or 
watch TV. Most of the time, we wonder how all that can be happening to human life. 
People are acting in the most outrageous ways and are completely disorientated;
they cannot handle their own lives. They will do anything to get publicity, even if it's 
negative publicity. What is the matter with these murdering and completely derailed 
people? How do they get to the stage of killing other human beings? I think the answer 
to this question is simple: THEY DO NOT BELIEVE. That's all. No more and no less. 
Talking about what they do and do not believe, is another matter.

Firstly, why do they not believe?
      - They do not believe themselves.
      - They do not believe other people.
      - They do not believe the Universe.
      - They do not believe what Mother Earth can do for them.
The world and the people who live in it are having a hard time at the moment.
Everywhere, there are people who want something from us and health is 
deteriorating fast. People today live together with many other people in small spaces;
blocks of high-rise flats are degrading. All energy comes through a small pipe to 
people living there. We live too close to each other and often see others as a threat. 
We live in a system with tremendous mistakes, which makes many of us unhappy. 
To be happy, some resort to taking pills or even hard drugs. These enable them to 
temporarily forget their problems and imagine they are in a better world. Every day, 
they need more of it to reach the same state. Their health deteriorates fast and they 
get sicker and sicker. At the moment, drugs are at the top of the list of things that 
cause mental disorders and even death. For thousands of years, people have taken 
drugs to get over problems or to relieve pain. In the beginning, those who took drugs 
knew what they were doing and took them only as part of spiritual rituals. Today, 
people take everything together, to get more powerful results and to escape reality. 
We have come to a stage where many people no longer know the difference between
reality and a psychedelic trip. And computer games focused entirely on killing 
opponents are detrimental too, because children start losing the sense that killing
people is inhuman. It is easy for them to talk about killing and wars, which shows that 
something has gone very wrong lately!
     - It is wrong to take drugs.
     - It is wrong to kill people.
     - It is wrong to hurt others. 
     - It is wrong to blame others when things go wrong.
Their problem is that they have lost their feelings. They no longer believe in themselves 
and even their body means nothing to them. They only focus on how to survive. 
Survive what? To stay alive? Is that why they follow the path of destruction?
This complete disbelief in themselves is deadly for their soul and spirit. Nothing they 
do, comes from inside them. Everything comes from the outside world and the system 
they live in. A world with no respect for human life. The way they live prevents them 
from learning anything from life, because it is a life that consists of fighting and killing, 
just like the system tells them. Life serves no purpose to the Universe if you kill and hurt 
others. In such a world, people talk about demons and devils. But WE are the demons
and devils! There are people who have lost the path to the Universe and are lost in a 
criminal world. They have nothing to lose, nothing to win.

Belief is what counts in life. As I said elsewhere, many people believe in God, Allah, 
Buddha, et cetera. This is fine if it helps them, why not? Others believe in themselves
and the way of the Universe. The latter, I feel, are stronger; to me, believing in figures 
who no longer exist, is like believing in science fiction. There is also a great deal of 
religious killing by people who feel they need to fight for their own religion. 

A human life is holy in itself; there is no God who asks you to kill that masterpiece. 
Believing in yourself and the Universe is real, because your spirit and soul are inside 
yourself and the Universe. Just look around and you will see it. The power that comes
from it, can heal sick people, so why don't we believe in it? The reason is that in all 
these years, in churches and temples of all religions, people have tried to gain power 
over others. If you believe in yourself, it is only you and the Universe telling you what to 
do, no one else. No sacrifices or donations are needed because IT IS THERE FOR 
FREE! It is hard to believe that everything you want is there to get for free.

Changing this lack of belief is at the same time very simple and very difficult. Ignore 
all the violence (papers, TV and computer games). Ignore the talk about wars and 
fighting. Then think 'I have to walk away from that'. Do it. You do not need violence.

Let me tell you that in the more than 50 years that I have lived, I have never, EVER 
had a physical fight; I never hurt anybody by fighting! I never took drugs or drug-related 
medication. And  I AM STILL ALIVE! If ever a fight threatened to break out, I just 
walked away. I did not serve in the army, which used to be mandatory in the 
Netherlands. I also talk with those who tried to start a fight, a few days later, or 
sometimes longer after that, but I never ignore it. I had some drug-addicted friends, 
who were in deep trouble, but they never tried to get me on drugs as well. They 
respected my point of view on drugs and I showed them you can also live without 
drugs. Some of my friends died from hard drugs, but they never involved me in their 
drug problems. They simply respected me. Others came back from addiction and are 
now leading healthy lives. It is the way you approach people, people with their own 
problems, people who have lost their way of life. In my own life, a lot has happened 
and many people have hurt me, because they did not understand my way of living. 
A man who does not want to fight but only talk, can't be normal! I forgive them, I forgive 
their restricted views of life, I forgive the way they tried to hurt me, it is sad that they 
have lost their own way. Forgive people for what they did to you and you will get 
forgiveness, is the keyword in the world today. All humans make mistakes, we all do. 
I am a human and I have to learn, learn from my mistakes. Nevertheless, from the 
beginning, I have learned to talk, to listen and to forgive people for the way they react
and behave sometimes.

Coming back to what I wrote about forgiveness just now: I think we should also forgive
the people who kill and hurt others. They do not know any better, for it is their only 
outlook on life. Their obsession is to get publicity, either good or bad. They are looking
for fame. This is what the system wants: Famous people, who are rich and tell us what 
to do. That is why young people drive irresponsibly. In their neighborhoods full of drugs 
and killing, how can they become famous? They may think that it's too hard to become 
a movie star or a famous basketball player. They do not believe in the power they have,
the power of the Universe, to become a star. It stops when they drop out of school and 
join a gang, learning to steal, kill and take drugs in excess. Until one day they shoot 
someone and the newspapers put them on their front pages, and make them famous! 
Then, they are famous too! The problem is that the system chooses the wrong things to 
publish and show on TV. Ninety percent is negative news, about killing, wars or shooting. 
They give the people what they think they want. The media creates criminals, as do the 
people who buy papers and watch crimes on TV every day. Stop and see what 
happens! Do not respond to these killings, do not show any interest, pay no attention.
If somebody bothers you, do not react, do not pay any intention, and everything will be 
over soon. It is like a wheel turning, which keeps turning until you stop it!

Do not give violence a chance, walk away and don't be violent yourself. It works for me, 
so it will work for you too. If you show people respect, they will treat you with respect too.
It also gives them a view and belief in a better world. This belief will be the gate to the 
power of the Universe.

Try and give it a chance. It has worked for me, for over 50 years.

(Chapter 05) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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