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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 49 -


We cannot do without energy in today's world. This is when we talk about electricity, 
which we use all day. But I do not want to talk about the energy that we call electricity. 
There are also different forms of energy. One of them is the energy we mean when we 
feel tired, saying: "My energy is gone". This is a different kind of energy, but it has the 
same origin. We have many energy sources around the world. Energy that we cannot 
see, but feel. Energy that is in the Universe, we cannot handle. We do not even know 
how to find it. Everything is energy and has a connection with the source. The source 
creates all objects and all life forms we know. The source is not a starting point, 
because there is no starting point in the Universe, as I have said several times already. 
Time and distance are the limitations that we humans work with and believe in. Why do 
we do that? There is only one answer. Some people are afraid to lose face by 
confessing: " I WAS WRONG". Theories will be overthrown and will no longer be 
needed. Such people can be found in churches, science and politics. The system 
cannot admit its own lies! As we know, there is a lot of energy and most of it we 
cannot explain, not to mention work with. Some of it we do work with, such as 
electricity, radio waves, atoms and other simple energy fields. But let us try to analyze 
energy and where to find it. Energy is a field of waves that transport power to other 
places. Waves going to the other end of the line, to switch the light on, or to start our 
computer and keep it working. This is the supply for all those machines. We try to find 
an explanation in everything around us. The source, made of energy, is in everything 
we see. We need to believe that. We see a plant as a plant, an animal as an animal, 
a human as a human, a PC as a PC, and so on. All of these are made of energy. 
Because we have these energy limitations, we cannot imagine that we are only talking 
about energy, which is no more than waves. In the Matrix movie, we could see some 
simple explanations. In that movie, we were shown that nothing is real and that 
everything can be manipulated. You may think "There we go, John as a space traveller 
or as an alien". Believe what you want to believe, but there is more that I want to share 
with you. Energy is fields of waves and there is a possibility to use these fields. 
Let me give you a simple example. Suppose you have had a terrible day, and when 
you come home, your children ask you something. Your answer will most certainly be 
"no". Your field is negative and all you have to say is negative too. But the next day is 
a good one. When the children ask you something, you will answer and have a nice 
talk with them, because that day contains positive energy. Many people already use 
that energy. There are some problems, however, because some people who truly 
believe they are positive, are almost burned out. The reason is that deep down inside,
 there is a big negative garbage can. But by using the energy, we are capable of 
healing ourselves. We can heal our body by giving it the energy it needs. What we can 
do is very simple, we take the problem out of our body and replace it by healthy energy. 
This sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it IS simple. Why then do we not use these energy 
fields? The answer is that it is all about money. After all, you can get energy for free. 
The knowledge is already in you, but you should learn how to use it. ENERGY is 
everywhere and we can do so much more with it. Since we believe in limitations, we 
cannot us energy properly, but if you manage to get over the limitations block, there 
are many possibilities. Traveling is one of them, being healthy is another. 

There is a rule that everything must be proven by numbers. This means that man has 
imposed upon himself an enormous limitation. It would be a good idea if you looked 
around and put on paper what you cannot do. I can tell you that it will be a very long list, 
full of limitations. Take a piece of paper, write down what you CAN do and see that you 
cannot even fill that page. Limitations, the main obstruction we create for ourselves. 
We believe in limitations, it is as if we are born with them.

If you were able to reprogram your mind and see everything from a different angle, 
without limitations, you would see that there is a lot happening around you. Try to see 
everything by applying one simple rule. All you can see is made of the same energy as
 you are. It may look different, but the source is the same, therefore I am the same as 
that object. By manipulating energy, we cannot only recreate the mind, but also the 
object. Energy is very flexible. For example, by a small change in an energy field, a 
stone becomes a plant. Water becomes air. You can see and do everything with 
energy. Perhaps I am going a bit too fast, but it would nevertheless be interesting. 
Think about this small fact, which can change the entire world.

Energy is life, life is energy, and when we are able to see that everything is about 
energy, we can use this power. The soul, the main engine in every human being, is 
a master who can use the energy. From the beginning, the soul learns all about 
mastering energy. It can create, handle and manipulate energy. But because our 
soul does not have the negative energy that we humans have, all its manipulating is 
positive. In the medical world, we see manipulation on DNA, cells, and so on. This is 
negative manipulation, which will end in a big catastrophe. We humans cannot handle 
this power, also because we start from the wrong point of view. This will end in a 
disaster and I know that we will take ourselves back in time. Therefore, we need to 
start all over again. We are not ready to accept and we are not willing to learn from 
the power of energy, as long as we keep manipulating life forms on this planet. 
Working on the basis of numbers and facts, is like working on a car that needs to 
travel in space, but never leaves this planet. We need to go back to the main road, 
see what went wrong, and learn from it.

Learn what real life means, learn what is really going on and learn to use the energy 
you have. As long as we do not see that, we are like grains of sand or dust, or a 
flower or an animal, we will never be able to understand that the source of life is energy 
and that it is in all things around us. Energy is capable of reorganizing and to free us 
from all limitations that we have imposed upon ourselves. Feel, believe, and look 
around you. You will see what energy can do for you.

Think about it. 

(Chapter 49)




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