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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 48 -

Journey into my soul

At the beginning of this chapter, I want to make a statement. Until today, I never wrote 
about any of my drawings. I believe that a drawing should speak for itself. This drawing, 
called "Journey into my soul", has a special meaning for me, because it is my life that 
I am showing to the world. My life, my knowledge, and the way I see life. As I wrote on 
the introductory page, I am not a medical practitioner nor do I represent a sect, cult or 
religion. I write here only about my experiences and the knowledge that I have about my 
own human life. So what you read here, is information that may be important to you. 
If you do not believe it, or want to work with it, it is fine with me. I know that sooner or 
later, you will come to this point: "What are we doing here on earth?" The explanation 
that I will give you about this drawing is because, within three days, over 45.000 people 
came to see this drawing. I also got a lot of e-mails through my website. I know that this 
drawing created quite a stir, so I suppose I should explain what this drawing means to 
In this chapter, I want to discuss in a little more detail a drawing that I made, called 
"Journey into my soul". It started in a completely different way from what I normally do. 
My standard way of drawing is to first make sketches and, if necessary, take 
photographs. By the time I start to draw, I know exactly what I should draw. This time, 
it was completely different. During my meditation, I got the message to go over to my 
drawing table and to spend a lot of time drawing the following days. That is how 
I started, taking a piece of paper and draw some guidelines, creating the main shapes. 
Then I added some details with pen, and got more and more into that drawing. 
During my meditation time, I received a lot of information about the shapes I should 
draw. When I had finished the shapes, it was time for the colors. I added them in the 
way I was being instructed. At that stage, the soul was there, in a shape I had never 
seen before and although at that time I did not know, this has to be it. My question at 
this stage was what to do next, as there was no more information. Until two days later, 
when I got an idea of how to finish this piece. The following days, more details came to 
me and finally the information came through: I was drawing my own soul. During the 
meditations, after I had finished the drawing, more information came to me and little 
by little the drawing started to make sense to me. The drawing was started without 
any knowledge about what I was doing and where it would take me.

The soul is the key to life. For us, human beings, the soul is the driving force behind 
everything. We receive a lot from our soul in our brain, so we can accomplish our task. 
What the task is and how we should accomplish it, we do not know. During our lives, 
we will never find out what the task is and what the soul needs to accomplish in this life. 
The soul is in us from the beginning and it works together with the brain and the body. 
Many people are no longer connected with their soul. With the life they live, they will 
not be able to accomplish the task for which they are here. Being connected with and 
open for the soul seems a major problem at this moment in time. Money, matter and 
power are the main issues. In the world of souls, many things happen. As I wrote in 
another chapter, it is not the complete soul that is in our body. The soul can split into 
other bodies and can also be in a body in which it is not active, because that body is 
blocked. A soul is for about 25% in one human body. When it has a difficult task to 
fulfill, more energy will be available, but the soul will be up to no more than 50%. 
The other 50% stays behind in the soul world, which we also know as the Universe. 
This is because the soul needs the connection with its source. The source is always 
clean, without any earthly influence. Pure energy is there in the source, with all the 
knowledge and all the experiences it got from the past lives, which are important for 
that one main target: To reach a higher level in the Universe. We humans do not 
understand this higher level, it is there only for the soul. The main part of the soul, that 
pure energy, keeps learning as long as it exists. I should tell you the following. 
For a soul, there is no time, no distance and no limitations. The first two: time and 
distance are known by the soul at the moment it starts to exist. The soul should learn 
and find out how to work with limitations. The older a soul is, the more it knows what 
is possible in the soul world and so it will continue to climb higher until it has fulfilled its 
task. There is a lot to learn, to find out how to work without limitations. So, the soul 
needs to go to these worlds, to find out how to manage limitations. There is a lot more 
going on in this life here on earth. This is why we are here with all the limitations of time, 
distance and things that WE THINK exist! It is a world created by ourselves and we 
make it difficult for ourselves. The world is getting more complicated every day. 
When I see simple things explained in books of hundred pages or more, I know we 
have taken a wrong turn.

Back to my drawing. The drawing that started as a white piece of paper, and became 
a complex drawing with so much energy and worlds into one world, called "MY SOUL". 
My soul, one of billions, is there on paper. A soul without symmetry, which is not there 
in the soul world and in the complete Universe. Symmetry is made by humans, not by 
the Universe, and it is one of the man's limitations. A drawing with colors that are very 
important, because they tell us what I have already done in my soul world. All the energy 
and past lives, which someone called "the bubbles". All the energy lanes, which explain 
that this soul is growing so immense that it looks as if it is going to explode. But this is 
only the road to a higher life form. All that energy is there, because in all the lives, the 
soul acquired a great deal of input and learning. The small nucleus at the bottom in the 
middle, is a world on its own, from where all energy is coming. This takes us deeper 
into the drawing, because the nucleus you see, is also a world that goes deeper and 
deeper into….. nothing? No, here we are at a point where we should accept that there 
is no begin and no end. Energy is endless and energy is without any restrictions. 
When your soul grows, it comes to a point where the new world begins. Or rather, where 
the old world flows into the new world. We humans are very limited and we are only a toy 
for our soul and the total Universe. If you are able to see the world not as a limited place, 
but as the total Universe, there are no limitations. Let me elaborate. We humans try to 
explain everything in numbers, rules, time and distances. With these limitations, we 
research everything and find out that behind every cell, there is another one. Behind 
every world another world, simply because the limitations we live with, keep us in a 
world that will never end. There is no end, so why try to find it? Look at earth as a grain 
of dust that is travelling in a desert. At that moment, we may think that we are lost and 
there is no end anywhere on earth. It looks as if the world is endless. But when the grain 
of dust enters the Universe, there is no number that can place or explain that. So what 
we are doing here, is learning to accept. Accept that there is no end and that we, as 
humans, should live with that knowledge. If we are capable of stepping over that point, 
we will make progress in learning the new powers, which are there, behind that stage. 
The human body will heal itself, travelling to other worlds will be normal and our brain 
will leave the simple stage it is in now.

The drawing says more about our soul and when you go deeper into it, you will get the 
information that is there on paper. You will see the way it was going and how it got as 
far as it is now. One of the e-mails I received, contained the question: "How is it 
possible that a human body sees the colors of a soul?" Here we are at a point of 
disbelief, mixing human life with soul life. Human life is only for a short time, here on 
earth, but a soul lasts forever and it takes all the knowledge it has with it to subsequent 
lives. Humans believe that they are able to get to know everything. As I wrote in the 
beginning, it looks as if colors are important in a soul life. This explains why color 
therapy and art can be a solution for many of man's problems, getting people out of 
that blocked period in which they are at the moment. Colors are energy fields, each 
color represents one particular stage. Colors are there for sure, the soul world is not 
the one which is always painted as a pure white place above us. In the Universe, the 
main color is black. I will not enter into the discussion on whether black is a color or not. 
For me, black is a color and it is the sum total of all colors in our spectrum. The black 
that you can see when you travel in space. Black is made of colors, you can see many 
colors in black, coming from the energy from our Universe. It is the same in the soul 
world. The soul is our source and our energy, so we can live and learn and place all this 
information in our soul. The colors represent the stage of the soul. A young soul that has 
just started, is pure white. As it progresses, it becomes yellow, light blue, dark blue and 
then purple. A purple soul has reached the stage when it is ready to go to the next step, 
on its way to complete one of its last stages. So what you see in the drawing of my soul 
is that all colors are there and the soul looks as if it is almost done with the task in this 
present form. This explains the way the soul is going and the colors that go with it to 
fulfill this task.

In the past years, I have learned to connect with my higher self when I want and when I 
need more information. During the time I have this connection, many things happen and 
it is as if the power that is there, stays in me for a short time. Sometimes it is like 
recharging a battery, but more than that is happening. The soul which I drew, looks as 
if it has something more to say. From the day when I made the connection, something 
has changed and I saw the path that I should follow to complete this life. I will explain 
this mission in more detail later, because it is not yet the time to put that on paper.

This is my soul, about which someone said: "John, you have put yourself on paper 
naked, showing everybody who you are". For me, it is more like waking up people, 
which is what I hope to do, for at least two of the billions of people. That they will see 
what life is all about. As an artist, I was always naked and I always showed people that 
there is more and I tried to help them through my drawings. To stand there naked, with 
my soul open for you, is no problem for me. Because my wish is to find just these two 
people, who know what is really important in life and so together fulfill the task we have 
to accomplish in our life.

Two people….. Are you one of them?

(Chapter 48)




"Being human is helping each other"


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