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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 47 -

The Core (part one)

Films have been made about it. Thousands of books have been written about it. 
As long as human life has existed, we have tried to get there. After billions of dollars 
spent on research, we still haven't found it. People are driven mad, because they 
cannot even get anywhere near it. It is the most important element of all lives in the 
Universe. THE CORE.

Much has been written and speculated about the Core. People are attracted to it and 
believe that this single word provides the key to life and answers to all our problems. 
Below, there are some questions I want to talk about in this chapter.

1. Why do people want to find the Core? 
That is a simple question. Because people are attracted to things they cannot reach 
or understand. They always believe that the answers are there where they cannot 
reach! Another reason is that people believe that when they find the Core, they will 
have absolute power. Power to dominate, to do what they want. This is a typical 
example of how many people think. It is why they always have the same old problems 
and return to an earlier way of life. We can see that throughout the centuries, human 
life builds up climax and then reaches a higher level. As soon as it has reached that, 
it falls back to nothing and needs to start all over again! In all these centuries, man has 
not learned and has not known what to do when they reach a higher level. This is one 
of the key problems: we cannot handle new situations and higher levels. When I see 
what we, humans, have learned over the last few centuries, I can only say that we have 
been moving backwards. Increasingly, we believe that machines and computers can 
find the way in life for us. These machines and computers are only there, because we 
are getting foolish as time goes by. Our brains today are not like they used to be. 
We no longer listen to our soul and our body. We believe that everything can be done 
by these machines. Does not that sound foolish to you? All this is because we think that 
when we find the Core, we are free from sicknesses and problems and that we then 
own the power. I cannot help laughing, because it sounds so stupid. But the most 
stupid thing is that most of our money goes into that! The Core is an obsession for 
many people. Power, health and domination, all that we can have, if we find that Core, 
or so they think!

2. What do we hope to find and where?
I answered that already in the first question. But to add a small note: what we will find 
is important for some dominant people, who think they can own and handle this Core. 
This brings us to the second part of this question, "where". Where do they think they 
can find the Core? In the medical world, more and more is known about the human 
body. They find new cells, new parts, but every time, by going deeper into that world, 
they enter several other worlds! In that single cell, other worlds are opened. This has 
been going on for thousands of years. And where has it gotten us? Not much further, 
as most information is useless, because it is made and built of false input.

In nature, we try to manipulate plants, animals, and so on, because we think we can 
play God. The result is that we get more and more sick people. Because these 
animals and plants are no longer strong enough to absorb all the ingredients we need 
from them to survive. Science is a dead-end street. People believe only what they can 
see, they play with elements and do not know why. In science, you can see clearly that 
we are moving away from the Core. All these old input and rules are based on some 
small base lines. These are the ruin of our science these days. New input is destroyed 
and new ways are held back. Otherwise, we would get the proof that many professors 
and scientists are working on projects with a dead end, and therefore cannot have the 
billions to spend. All this holding back, standing still and walking back, will not help us 
find the Core that we want. People do not want to know that they are working for 
nothing. They do what others tell them to do. They act like sheep that follow the leader, 
even when he is walking over the cliff. Or they walk in circles and do not understand 
they are looking in the wrong place. They will never find the Core. They are looking in
the wrong place and the wrong world.

3. Is the Core important? 
I found out about the Core and saw what it does for me. The Core is important, if you 
believe in the Core and if you want to work with it. The Core is not what people think it 
is. All that has been written about the Core is like the old bible; a small notebook that 
has been replicated over and over, while the essence has gone. All we knew in the 
past, has been forgotten in the present. The Core is important, because in it you will 
find the way you can work with it.

This is as far as I want to go into this. Perhaps you are disappointed, but don't see it 
that way. What I wrote above are the first lines, an important introduction to the Core. 
This simple magic word, an obsession in the lives of so many, because of which we 
all miss the real world. The world we have to live in, because we are all part of 
the Core.

(Chapter 47)




"Being human is helping each other"


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