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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 46 -

Life is what you make of it

People talk about their life as if it is not a part of them. They will say "Life is hell", 
"Life is painful", or "Life is beautiful". When they say things like that, it sounds as if they 
are talking about something that is completely out of their control. As if life has taken 
control over them and there is nothing else than but to accept it. But why do people 
let life take control over their time here on earth? Why is life hell for one and a big feast 
for another? It may be interesting to stop and look at these questions for a few minutes 
and try to figure out what is happening. 

Let us start with the people themselves. It is good that we are all different and have our 
own points of view about life. One of the important points is the question "What is the 
purpose of our existence on earth?" Most people have no idea what they are doing 
here. They do not realize that they actually have a task to fulfill in this life. They feel as 
if they are lost in a strange world. Life on earth is not easy, but we must live it. As I 
wrote in another chapter, we are not here on earth only once. We keep coming back 
regularly. For some people, this will be soon after they left earth and for others it will 
take hundreds of years in earth time. One thing is certain though, and that is that we 
will return. I also wrote that we are souls that never die and go into another human 
body over and over again. We do so because we need to learn to get as far as the 
soul wants us to get. We need to accomplish the big task, which is part of a big soul 
world, the Core, the essence of all lives in the Universe.

Now let's go back to that person who said that life is hell. This is the second question 
I wrote above, about having control over life. Life on earth started the second we were 
born and had to do everything on our own. The first years, our parents helped us as 
much as possible but after some years we formed our own lives. We take our own 
decisions and, consequently, create our own matrix. We usually try to make things as 
easy as possible for ourselves, while hoping that others will do the job for us. Indeed, 
there are others who try to help us, but instead of that, they manipulate our matrix.

Inside us, there is a soul that works together with our brain. The brain needs to learn 
that the soul knows everything already. How far is our brain willing to learn from our 
soul? It depends on whether the brain accepts all this. When it is open for information, 
we are strong enough to create our matrix. This is the key. During our life, we should 
cooperate with the soul, then our brain and body learn from our soul. When we get to 
this stage, we see another life opening. A new life? Yes, a whole new life.

Let's go back to the last part I wrote, so I can explain some things. The soul is our 
main life. The soul is the source of our lives but it is also a small part of our complete 
existence in the total Universal life. All of us are a part of each other. We need each 
other to get on. This does not mean that we are here on earth just to need someone. 
We often think we need someone else, or that we need that to accomplish something. 
But all we need, is ourselves! Creating our own matrix is the key of success for our 
soul in this life. This does not mean that we only need our own company, or need to 
have control over many people. We do not need to have control over a single human 
life. Most of the time, we forget that we actually have no control over our own life. 
People who want to have control over others, usually have problems with themselves. 
They need other people to hide their own shortcomings. The more people they have 
around them, the more difficulties they have with themselves.

The moment we were born, everything came together in our body. The brain, body 
and soul needed to work together in this life and fulfill the task that needs to be done. 
A specific task, with this specific body and this specific brain! To get these three 
working together, is the most difficult thing in life. Most problems will be related to 
this simple part of being together. The soul has all the power, the brain can handle 
a small part of that power, and the body is the piece of flesh and blood that should 
carry out all the actions. That main part of our existence is the motive of all that is 
written about life. Someone who sees life as hell or as something difficult, is 
responsible for it being that way! Nobody else!

Let's look at life from another side. Let me show you why perhaps this life is hard for 
you. I already explained the difficulty of the initial amalgamation of your body, brain 
and soul. This coming together is not an easy task for the soul, which usually enters 
the body around 5 months before birth. From that time, the soul works hard to 
become familiar with its new body. For the soul, it is the time when it needs to go 
from working only with energy to working together with flesh and blood. With all the 
limitations the human body has. The task for the soul has begun, and it needs to find 
out if the body it chose will be suitable for the task. After a little while, the soul, the 
brain and the body are ready for the next task in life. This is to get the planned job 
done. The brain does not know what kind of job it is. The body does only what it 
receives as information. The task is only known to the soul. This soul needs to work 
with the human brain, which is slow and old-fashioned, and has many limitations. 
But the soul knows the way to go and to convince the brain what is good for both 
of them. The first years of life, things usually go well. But the more the outside world 
encroaches, with its rules and its limited way of seeing the world, the more problems 
the human body and brain encounter. The brain has a hard time filtering all this 
negative information and will go its own way more and more (ego). On the path to 
self-destruction. Yes, self-destruction. Because the path you should go, move further 
and further away. Eventually, you reach a point where you no longer see the source 
and cannot see a clear path to go. Feelings fade, because the brain does not have 
enough power to manage all these things. This is also the reason why there comes 
a point when the brain tries to get rid of some parts of its own body by making them 
unusable (sick). You may think "Why doesn't the soul help them?" Good question. 
But there is the key point of all our problems: When the brain goes its own way, 
while feelings are fading, there is no point of entry for the soul to help. The body is 
soul dead! The person consisting of three parts: Soul, Brain and Body, are now 
falling apart. What is left, is a brain that is acting like mad, a body that is falling apart 
and a soul that is waiting until there is an entry into this mess, so that it can restore 
everything. Yes, restore! If the soul finds a small entry point into this human life, it can 
restore the whole body. It has the power and the ability to clean up the mess and to 
start all over again. Because the soul needs to accomplish the task for which it 
entered that body.

So much for the soul's power and the task it has. Now that you know more about the 
soul, the body and the mind, we can take on the main question: How to make your 
own life? Millions of words have been written and spoken about what men should do. 
But you can make your own life. This the key of all that has been written or said. It is 
impossible, it is unfair, it is… and so on. These words make us dependent on others. 
This is what they want, because these people simply want to have control over us, 
control over everybody and everything! There is no control. All control is what you 
believe in and what you allow to happen to yourself. There are no others. There are 
only you, your body and your soul. The body can do everything by itself and does not 
need anything. By believing that you are dependent on others, you no longer exist! 
Indeed, you are not there anymore, because you have given yourself away! As you 
know, you and your soul have something to accomplish. You may think that others 
will help you do so, but others cannot and will not help you with your tasks. What others 
may do is force you onto another path, trying to get you out of balance. Or by 
pretending to work together with you, they slow you down in accomplishing your task. 
Perhaps you let them be there because you are lazy and think they will do it for you.  
The truth is that only you can do it.

Now about that point of your terrible life. I wrote that it is you who makes this life a 
terrible life. Because YOU make your own life. It is you who makes your decisions. 
You go your own way, acting as if you were God. But you forget the most important 
part in your body, YOUR SOUL! You refuse to listen to it, you do not believe in it, and
you are not willing to work together with it. Let me give you an example: All that I am 
writing here, is not coming from my brain. The brain is too simple to write this all. 
The information for these chapters comes from my soul. By listening to my soul, 
information reaches my brain and the brain sends this to my hands to write it down. 
Listening to your soul gives you the opportunity to learn and see things you never knew 
existed. For the human brain, the soul is too powerful and complicated to understand. 
Let's look at it from another side: The soul is energy and has all the energy it needs for 
all situations that will occur. This energy never gets lost, so the soul grows all the time 
and receives help from its own energy. This energy has no substance or form, and no 
limitations. The energy can do everything. And what about the soul? Will it help us 
when we get into trouble? The human body is a very simple life form. It is a fraction 
above the animal world and a little more above the plant world. The human body is
just a simple mechanism we live in. We have a brain and this simple brain can block 
the way the soul needs to help us. The soul can enter the brain when it is blocked. 
But the brain will be not able to feel it, or work with the information it gets from the soul. 
Besides that, the brain wastes its time by blocking all information. The soul is such that 
it wastes no energy in a foolish brain. The moment we open ourselves again, the soul 
can go on.

Energy can make you as powerful as you want. The vast majority of people work with 
the wrong energy. They call it negative energy. Negative energy is everywhere in our 
body and around us. We cannot do all the things we do without knowing that we do 
not learn and do not accept. All are negative energy. All that talking about sickness 
and pain is negative. Fighting with people, arguing with them, is also negative energy. 
STOP. This it the point where you make your life hell. A hell you create yourself! It is 
you who followed a path that is not the right one. It is you who tried a different one. 
All these things are YOU. In your own life, you have made decisions that got you into 
this situation. Some will say that this is "KARMA". Give it any name you like. To me 
it is getting out of control and taking the wrong path.

It is true that we cannot control things and so they keep happening. See it as a learning 
process and see after an incident how you reacted. Start now and when there is 
something unpleasant, get over it as soon as possible. If it is nice, enjoy it! In the world 
of energy, there is no time, no beginning and no end. There is energy you should work 
with, and you can do it as long as or as short as you want because….  What is time? 
Everything you see is energy, you can try to see its pixels as light or as a matrix. 
Energy is a pure source and what we do is spending billions to find the source of life. 
We forget that we already have the answer inside us. Try to feel the energy, but more 
importantly, try to listen to the energy and use it. We are not able to manipulate this 
energy and we are just starting to explore it. Do not waste your time or wrack your 
brain trying to understand it. Use it and listen to the energy that has only one path and 
that is the path of health and understanding. You will see that you can make your life 

(Chapter 46)




"Being human is helping each other"


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