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Chapter - 45 -

The Military

There is one thing on earth that is completely unnecessary. Militarism! I would like to 
explain my point of view in this chapter.

Definition of the Military: a school for grown-ups, who never will become adults! 
Our system is based on fighting, as were all systems before. We humans place 
ourselves far above animals. And if we tell people that we descend from apes or other 
animals, they look as if to say: "But that's a long time ago". Because we are so 
intellectual now, we cannot think how it was thousands of years ago! What does a few 
thousand years mean in the evolution of millions? Nothing. We have just started as 
human beings, although we have shown everybody that we are still animals. When we 
need something, or want something, we start to fight to get it. When we live together, 
we try to start a fight to get control over others. If we cannot win, we play unfair by 
starting a fight. We fight to get the woman we want! We fight, because as males we 
are supposed to fight!

Some people think we should do anything just to be the person others think we should 
be! This is the most unbelievable and inhuman thinking, since the day man became 
human. Until today, there are people who fight for almost everything and our system 
knows exactly how to get what it wants. Just start a war to get control over people. 
I can say that I have never fought, nor did I do my military service. I consider the military 
as a big playground for people who think they should fight and so have control over 
others. Look around you. How many people die because of others? How many people 
die young for nothing? How many people are crippled for the rest of their life? And the 
only thing they get, if they are lucky, is a medal!

It is incredible that we do all these things. It is strange that there are so many people 
who join the army voluntarily. They believe in fighting and that they will be great men 
or even heroes. Then the time comes that they have to fight for real. Not in a 
playground near home, but real fighting in another country. When they return, most of 
them are brain-dead, changed or exhibiting a completely different behavior. 
And those are the lucky ones who came back alive, without serious injuries and who 
still have both legs and arms. Those who come back like that, are completely changed. 
Why? Because they are heroes now? Or because they have seen so much? 
Heroes they will never be. You cannot be a hero by taking someone else's life! Have 
they seen so much? Yes, they saw a lot, they saw the other side of mankind. The dark 
side, where all of us act like animals. They saw life and death, and most of them had 
to kill to survive. Seeing death is not painful, as death is beautiful. It is just the end of 
human life. But they saw death by killing, which means hurting another human being's 
soul. Seeing that way of dying, is like seeing hell and hence your own end. And why? 
What did they risk their lives for? To kill others, to work for the system? Being there for 
your country? But what does that mean? If you are lucky, you come home and the 
country will not be there for you. Or, you will get a medal and can go on, like a 
machine, or as a person who is completely brainwashed!

People come back, realizing, if they are not brainwashed, what they have done. 
The feelings come back, the fighting machine has stopped and the real person 
comes out. Most of the people who come home, find themselves in great trouble 
and have a terrible life after that. Because they realize what they did in the war. 
They realize that they have acted like animals and have lost the feeling of being 
human. Being without that feeling makes youngsters completely brain-dead for the 
rest of their lives. 

There are also those who come back missing parts of their body, or who are so 
damaged that they are completely dependent on others. They are very difficult to live 
with, because they saw and felt death. Now they need to live a life without fighting. 
Instead, they fight against the people around them, who cannot understand or feel 
what is the matter. The ones who were left by their loved ones who never came back, 
also have many problems. The hero system doesn't give them the support they need. 
Joining the military is choosing a life of fighting and being brainwashed, so you can 
serve the system until your death. There is no gratitude and there is no support. 
You are on your own. In the end, the system does not need you anymore! Being a 
soldier is choosing to be nothing more than a number. No longer a human being, 
because a human can survive without fighting. We don't need to fight. We humans 
have other powers that we can use to bring things to a good end. Fighting is 
something for sick people and only a sick system promotes the creation of heroes. 
What is a hero anyway? Someone who kills others or wants to dominate? A real hero 
is someone who respects other people's lives and who communicates as a human 
being. Animals fight and therefore, we are still animals that do not know another way 
to survive and get things done.

Playing soldiers is playing like children do at school, trying to gain power over others. 
Playing soldier is like play-acting for adults who cannot behave like real humans. 
Instead, they go back to acting like animals. Killing to survive is their motto and this 
will go on as long as people fail to realize that fighting is the way of cowards. Why do 
we still fight and why do we have so many wars in this world? The simple answer is 
that when you fight or start a war, you get back what you have sown.

As I told you, I never had a physical fight in my life. There was a moment at school 
when a boy tried to pick a fight with me. He pushed me and also hit me once. 
I looked at him and just when he wanted to hit me for the second time he stopped 
and others yelled at him to go on. Nothing else happened and I walked away. 
None of those boys ever came back for me. What happened? I did not fight back, 
but I just looked that boy in the eyes. The blow he gave me did not get the results 
he expected. I still stood there, just like before the fight had started. By looking at 
him, I saw he was frightened. Most people who start a fight, are more afraid than 
their opponents. By not fighting, there was no fight! There is a simple rule: it takes
two to fight! If I have to be number two, then there is no game!

Back to militarism:
   - It is you who wants to fight, if you join the military!
   - It is you who chooses to be crippled or dead!
   - It is you who chooses to take other people's life!
Why there are still people who choose to kill and be killed?


(Chapter 45)




"Being human is helping each other"


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