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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 44 -

Just a human life

A human life is complicated. A human life is simple. Both sentences have in common 
that they are about life in a human body. Everyone on earth has one. We are humans, 
coming from another human body to fulfill a task here on earth. Why is there a 
difference between the first and the second "human life"? The first human life is 
complicated; the other one is simple and feels like a holiday. Nevertheless, it is a life 
for each human being, with a task he must fulfill. Sometimes, it seems as if a person 
has an easy life, but for that person, the task he has to accomplish is not easy at all. 
It is not only a task to do, but also a path to follow. If he cannot end it successfully, he 
must redo it until he does.
Reading this, it may sound simple, but besides the task, there are many other things 
to do. You start learning the second you are born and you stop the moment you end 
this human life. In your next life, the learning will continue. It is a continuous process, 
because this one human life is only part of a complete soul's life. A soul's life is full of 
accomplished tasks and learning processes. Most of us think we have only one 
human life. This is not correct, because we do not stop living. We are here many times, 
in several bodies.
A human life is like a holiday! A human life is to be here and to make the best of all 
situations you come across on your path. You must continue and keep learning, what 
comes on your path in life, day after day. Each day is a small step up in your learning 
process. What you learn today, you will need tomorrow to go on. If you do not learn 
today, you must redo it tomorrow. Until you get to the point where this step is no longer 
a problem and you can go on to the next step.

Let's go back to the sentences about a difficult life and a simple one. You cannot 
compare those two different human lives, because we are talking about different tasks. 
A director of a company with 200 people under him does not have a more difficult life 
than a poor single woman who is doing her best to get her meal everyday. Each of 
these two completely different people has his or her own task to accomplish. Perhaps 
you want to ask me now about the man who sits on the beach, doing nothing except 
drinking and watching everyone passing by. This man may have more problems than 
the director of that company may with 200 people. Why is he sitting there? Perhaps he 
is afraid, withdrawing from his responsibilities, or he is sick and thinks, "These are my 
last days". He can also be someone who believes that this life is one long holiday! 
Who knows! Even if he is here on holiday, he has a task to fulfill: A task, which may be 
more difficult for him than that of the director or the woman. Do not look at the outside 
of a person, but try to feel what is going on inside. There is so much that people make 
us feel, but we do not take notice of it.

Another example: A child, full of energy, looks happy while playing with a group of other 
children. This child's life seems to be one big playground. Another child, sitting in a 
corner watching, looks like a child who needs attention and care. Which child needs 
more help? The happy child playing or the one who is sitting and watching? It looks as 
if the child who is playing, is happy, while the other one just sits there alone, not being 
happy. But this is the way it looks from the outside. Every second, the child who is 
playing, is screaming to get attention. Meanwhile, he needs all the children around him 
to get their attention. The supposedly lonely child is connected with the world around 
him, with the simple things in life and is happy with all contacts he has. Again, it is not 
what you see from the outside, but what you feel from the inside of that person!
In every human body, there is a soul. A soul that knows what to do, while it needs that 
simple human body for its learning process. We humans think we can only detect by 
seeing and hearing. Many times a day, you hear "good morning" or "have a nice day". 
What do you feel when you hear these sentences? NOTHING, and do you know why? 
Because there is nothing behind these words! They are empty, they are lost words.

It is the same with people who change their body, because they do not like the way 
they look. What you get is an appearance like in a fashion magazine, an almost 
empty appearance with little expression. As long as you think you can detect what is 
right by seeing and hearing, you are wrong. Go back and relate to your feelings again.

The human life in that simple body is complicated. No two lives are the same and no 
two bodies are the same. It is not just the human body that makes you realize you are 
here on earth. Look deep inside yourself and feel what is going on there, in that one 
human life. Learn to live with yourself. Learn to feel yourself, so you can feel others. 
Learn to accept life with all the good things in it. But most importantly, listen to your 
soul. Let it help you manage your life. This is why we are here and why this is a simple 
human life!

A simple human life, which makes history for all the following ones. How important you 
are now, or how little you may think about yourself, this one simple human body is the 
most important tool you have to accomplish the task you are here for.

Use this tool, stop changing it and don't ignore your body, because you need it. If you 
don't, you are playing with your future and the future is long, far beyond your 
imagination. Accept, pamper and use this human body, you need it right now for that 
one task. 

(Chapter 44)




"Being human is helping each other"


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