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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 43 -

The power of listening

When we switch on the TV or tune in to the radio, we can hear endless talking. 
It is unbelievable what people have to say and the kinds of stories they tell. 
Even if you look around you, you can see people talking so much, having so much 
to say. Most of the time, what they say is not relevant for our life. How bad their day 
has been, about their headaches or the weather, or their boss, who was terrible 
that day. It's a never ending string of stories, day after day. We keep listening to 
politician, hearing many words, but we rarely experience anything of what they say. 
Talking, so much talking, and so little you can learn from it. Endless talking in schools, 
where pupils must listen and accept. What the teacher tells you, should be the truth. 
Personally, I have never heard so many lies as during my days at school. The world is 
full of words, but what should we listen to? What is true and what is false? Words, 
endless words in so many languages.

There are people who talk all day, at conferences or in politics. People with top jobs in 
large companies talk while saying hardly anything! The talking they do is only what they 
want to say and how they see everything. But what these people forget to do - just like 
many others - is to LISTEN!

Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication. Just take a look at 
yourself: all day long, you talk to your family, friends, colleagues at work. But how much 
time do you actually spend listening? Listening is the problem, listening to what people 
really have to say. We cannot wait to take over the talking and leave the people with 
their stories, not giving them a chance to say what they wanted to say. We are focused 
on telling our own stories, giving our own opinions, but we do not let others tell theirs.

I have learned a lot from my grandfather, who had come very far in life. He experienced 
a lot and he knew what was going on. When I was five years old, he told me the following: 
"Listen to what other people have to say, just listen, be quiet and don' talk. Let them talk 
about their problems and the solution will come by itself. Talk only if you really know what 
you are talking about and hold your tongue if you don't know anything about the subject".

In these few words, I learnt an important lesson for the rest of my life. He was right, 
because by listening to others, problems get solved and questions get answered. 
You only need to say a few words to people, because they already have the answers 
to their questions. Do not do the talking; listening is also the way to let others see your 
strength. There is no need to say that you are the head of your company, or that you are 
good at something. All this is not important. If you are so good, why talk about it? 
Talking about what you do, is showing the shortcomings in your life. It comes from
your ego. If you were really good, people would know it already!

Doing all the talking, is showing how much you have to learn. Just listen and make a 
small comments at the right times, or make a remark and ask a question, so others 
may realize what they are doing. This is wise and leads onto a road with more positive 

Listening to a child is like listening to a new life, which is exploring the world, while 
looking at the world objectively. Listening to an old person who tells you his life story, 
is like a learning process to him. You may learn a lesson from such a conversation. 
Listen to older people and you will hear your own story and future. When you stand in 
the middle of life and are willing to teach, you should tell your story, so young people 
may listen. But before you start to tell your story, you should listen first. When you are 
old and wise, you are already listening, because listening  makes you wise.

We should not listen only to spoken words, but also to nature's sounds around us. 
What about the sound of absolute silence? These sounds and silences have their 
stories to tell too. Their stories are parts that we should learn about and accept, 
because underneath is the key to true life. A life with all the knowledge and all we can 
find around us in nature, which is peaceful and full of energy. By telling just our own 
stories instead of listening, it is harder to get the energy we need in order to proceed. 
Being silent and just listening, enables you to get positive energy. Listen, and while 
you are listening, receive. By listening to others, you also help them explore their paths 
in life. Do it, next time just listen and let others do the talking.

Ssssssssssssssst listen.

(Chapter 43)




"Being human is helping each other"


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