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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 42 -

Simple things in life 

Walking in a field, watching the butterflies fly from flower to flower.

A lizard walking on the porch, eating the flies that cross its path.

The birds sitting on a branch, talking to each other in a language that we do not 

An iguana eating our corn and looking at us as if saying: "These are mine".

Driving in my car, a person waves at me and wishes me a good day.

Looking at the sky with some clouds in it; they give us shadow.

A fly is sitting near me without any fear, knowing that nothing will harm it.

Every morning, a shrub in front of our house opens its flowers at 10 o'clock exactly.

Many small birds visit an old tree, which has some coconut halves filled with sugar 
hanging from it.

Finches follow me every morning, and say "Don't forget our seeds".

A wonderful egg has a chick hatching out of it.

Walking on our hill, we are followed by several hummingbirds.

Sitting on our land, a rabbit comes for the beans in front of us. He looks up as if he 
knows: "Oh, they will do me no harm".

While eating our fruit on the porch in the morning, a grey kingbird is waiting for 
its share.

The ever wagging tails of our dogs, who never stop loving us.

The hummingbird that comes every morning as I am spraying the plants, wants me 
to spray it too.

Sleeping with open windows, we get a wake-up call from all the singing birds.

An attentive mother hen walks proudly with her ten newborns.

The sunrise announces a new day every morning.

The sunset with all its colors watches Mother Nature fall asleep.

See all the colorful fish swimming around among all kinds of corals in the clear 
blue ocean.

All the growing flowers and plants give us a special feeling.

A simple seed placed in Mother Earth comes up and starts a new generation of plants.

All the dragonflies around us look as if they are telling millions of stories.

Eating the first orange from our tree this year and savoring it as if it was the most 
special and tasty orange we have ever had.

The orchids in front of us give us beautiful flowers every day.

Sitting on the porch, we relax and enjoy the view and the ambience.

Being in Mother Nature, we feel what it means to be happy on earth.

All the millions of lines that I would like to add, which are the keys of life. 
We forget them and do not see them any longer, but they are still there. 
Everywhere wonderful things happen, so you can say…………….  
"I am glad to be on earth".

(Chapter 42)




"Being human is helping each other"


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