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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 41 -

Death does not exist 

This may sound a little strange, but I hope that after reading this chapter you will no 
longer be afraid of death.

How do we see death? For many people it is the end of everything. We have just one
life and we should do everything we need to, because we do not know what comes 
after. Let us start at the beginning: "Birth". Human life starts the day of conception. 
Two people in love come together and agree that a new life will be started. I wrote 
"new life", because we call it that, but it is much more. A new human being comes 
into this world after 9 months. But what has this human being that makes it unique and 
full of spirit? Some human beings are here only for a short time, others for a long time. 
Many are here for 70 to 80 years. Why are not all lives equally long? Why is it that one
is born damaged or already sick and others are healthy their whole life? Why, why, why?
Let us go back to the day of conception. The first few months, the child grows and starts
getting the shape it should have. What the mother does during that time, is very important. 
She should take care of the unborn child from the moment of conception. Stress, too 
much work, medicines, drugs, poisoned food and alcohol, have a negative impact on
the unborn child. The body of the unborn is created with the material that is available. 
If the foundation is not right, the rest of the building will be unstable and full of errors. 
After a few months, there will be a complete change. By that time, the soul comes in 
the unborn life, takes its place in the body and helps the unborn. The soul helps the 
body to be healthy and to get the spirit it needs and so to start the newborn's life. 
This second part of a human life we call "the soul life". The soul is the "power" behind 
everything we do in life. The soul helps the human brain, by showing it what to do and 
what not to do. Soul and brain must work together to fulfill that newborn's mission. 
The mission that all of us have here on earth! We get this mission from our soul and it 
needs the human body to accomplish it. The body means nothing without a soul. Look 
at it as computer hardware that does not have software to work with. The computer 
also has a hard disk, which stores all data it gets. We can compare the hard disk with
our soul that stores all the information it gets during a human life, whether long or short. 
The soul is much more powerful than our hard disk, because hard disks give up after a 
few years. The soul, however, keeps going forever. All the information it has stored, is 
kept forever in that soul's energy. The soul in every human body is the main source of 
all human lives. The soul needs the body to fulfill its task and it is up to the human brain 
and body, if they are capable, to fulfill that task.

I can almost hear you thinking and I can guess the questions you have right now. 
This is no science fiction, but exactly how a human life works. With all our technology 
and our knowledge, we are not capable of finding sources. Nor can we get answers 
for the questions about the source of life, or about the origins of the earth. These parts 
seem as if they do not exist, or we humans cannot find the key. When we think we 
have found it, we come upon other worlds behind the last one. In the world of souls, 
there is no beginning and no end.  There is no time, no dimension, because those 
only exist in the virtual life we live in. Why do I call this life a virtual one? Because the 
entire system is based on lies about a life that is not real. Indeed, the way we live today
is like a movie, a computer program, or a soap opera. We even change our bodies and 
manipulate them. Everything is based on "nothing", without a real foundation. A soul 
can do everything it wants, but all souls must fulfill a task. In that way, they reach a higher 
level than we, humans, can imagine. There is no need to know either, because we 
cannot handle that information.

A soul in a human body has a task, which is important for the soul and for you as a 
human being, because it is your main source, which needs you. All that you learn, do, 
see and work on, is important for the soul. With that, it can grow. The soul in you is a
part of you. That part will never die and will exist forever. This is the most important
part you ought to know:  life is not your human body, this piece of flesh and blood. 
The main source or part of your body is your soul. A soul has many lives, unthinkable 
in earthly timelines. A soul can be millions of years old and still learning and creating. 
The human body is only a small tool, which will be replaced repeatedly, so the soul can 
go on learning. The human body will be gone after the task is fulfilled. This happens 
when the body has reached the stage when it is not capable of going on. The soul 
leaves the body and continues with a new task in another one. All the knowledge you 
have gained and experienced in that body (life) remains in that soul forever. It will never 
be erased from that soul's "hard disk". The human body returns to dust and becomes 
part of this earth again, waiting for the day that it is a part of the sand, rock or food for 
the plants. For the soul, this flesh and blood are nothing more than a learning tool for a 
few years. We should not be afraid of leaving our body. We know from the beginning 
that the body will only be used for a short time. Knowing this, you realize that it is not 
important what you think or what you do before you die, because you are never dead. 
The soul does not need matter or money to go on. The soul stays in one place. The soul 
is a life form that we do not accept in our human lives, because we are afraid. We think 
we need goods, money and fame during life on earth. But there is no need for that after 
this life and the next one. All of that no longer exists in that way and is therefore useless. 
It is useless to collect, to possess and to fight for all these things, because human 
beings already have what they need: a soul, which shows us the path we should follow.

We know now that our body is here for a short time and that we have to live many lives. 
We know the soul is always there to learn, that matter and power are not important. 
Why be afraid? The soul is there forever; our knowledge is stored eternally and 
functions as a helping hand for the new human body the next time. I know that it is hard 
to believe in the things I know. It is there, it is how it goes. Believe me, the knowledge 
is in your soul, not in your brain, or it would be lost after the body gives up.

Do not be afraid, because we will meet again, over and over again. 
You don't believe me? No problem, I'll see you…

(Chapter 41)




"Being human is helping each other"


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