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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 40 -

CHILDREN (Part two) 

Many of us have children. They come naturally from two people in pure love. 
You should help them from their day of birth until the day you leave this life. 
Love your child's actions all the way. As parents, be there for your child in good 
as well as bad times.

This brief introduction describes what should be the normal life for children and their 
parents. But sadly enough, it is not always like this and it is just an idle story. 
The real stories are often completely different.

Let us go back to the first line: "Many of us have children". This may be true, but 
sometimes people do not want or cannot have children, for different reasons. 
Firstly, because we eat poisoned food, we have problems having children, or 
having healthy children. Our bodies are completely poisoned and therefore many 
people are unable to have children. Secondly, there is a group who love others of 
their own sex. Men who love men, women who love women. This seems to be a 
phenomenon, rather than a real need. I do not disagree, but their numbers have 
been increasing fast over the years. In the case of some, it seems as if they are 
only looking for attention. Their identities are sometimes completely gone. 
They don't know what is going on with themselves. Some even go as far as having 
operations to change their identity. That is really sad, because your soul has 
chosen to be in that body, as a man or as a woman. Their lives are out of control. 
Something similar happens to people who have surgical "lifts", trying in that way 
to become a perfect looking human being. There is no longer any respect for the 
body that the soul has chosen. This will lead to lives being wasted for the soul. 
Thirdly, there are people, who believe that it is no longer responsible to have 
children and bring them into this world. We need children to get on in life. Raising 
children is one of the main tasks in life. The soul needs a body to fulfill its task. 
Without a human body, most of the souls cannot go on growing.

Second line: "They come naturally from two people in pure love". This is a major 
problem in this world today. Many people do not really love each other any more. 
Their love, which they think is real love, is no more than a "desire". They long for 
another body, yearn to have sex and want to dominate somebody else. Among 
them, pure love is rare and the product (their child) is made from lust without love. 
This also explains the people who satisfy their lust with members of their own sex.

Then we come to our third line: "You should help them from their day of birth until the 
day you leave this life". Initially, there may be help and understanding from the 
parents. Then, we return to making money and creating fame. Children are taken to 
day-care centers. Many children who come in this world are born from two human 
beings who are very selfish. These children go to day-care centers all days of the 
week. They do so from soon after the day of birth and as a consequence, they see 
their parents only at night. Such children are raised by others, lost in a big world, 
missing the love of their parents. Most of these children have only a mother or a 
father, and don't know what a real family is like. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and so 
on, turn these children into products of this society. These children do not get the 
help they need, because there is no time. There is too little time for sitting and 
listening to them. Most of the parents are demanding and the children need to do 
what the parents tell them. Developing their own lives is not possible, because their 
parents are not there for them. The soul feels caged, unable to grow. This creates 
young people who do not know how to cope with certain situations.

There is our fourth line: "Love your child's actions all the way". As I said before, we 
do not listen, we demand. There is little true love, because many parents do not know 
themselves what true love is. Be there, take the time and listen to your child's 
problems. Can this be done during your working day? There is no time and time is 
money, as they say. Do you also think that making time for your child is a waste of 
time? Later you will see how that same child reacts when you have a problem 
yourself, and you want to talk about it.  "Sorry mom, sorry dad, I have no time, I must
leave now", will then be their answer. You will get back what you have sown in their 
childhood. You will be lonely most of the time, for the rest of your life. Your problem 
will be the same one that your child will have later on. No time, no pure love.

Now, we come to the last line of this chapter: "As parents, be there for your child in 
good as well as bad times". That is the most crucial point in everybody's life. 
Standing by the person you really love. When there is a problem, it will look huge 
to your child. You should be there for them day and night, because at that moment,
there is nowhere else to go. They cannot see a way out, so you should take the time 
and listen to and talk with them, show them what you would do in such situation. 
Often, just listening is enough. By talking about it, they will find their own way out. 
But it is important that you are there, or they will find their way out on the streets. 
You must feel what is going on, observe your child's behavior and ask what is 
going on. This is very important. Then he knows there is somebody who really cares. 
The child should get the feeling that "I can make mistakes, because I have to learn, 
but I know my parents will be there to help me when I cannot find a way out". This is 
crucial for any child. Communication is what they need. Not only talking, because 
listening is even more important.

There is a lot wrong in this world today. Children are born because of lust. There is 
no love for the children and they always hear that there is "no time", day or night. 
You constantly demand, instead of listening to them. These are the main points you 
should change. When you decide to have children, start by letting them be born in 
pure love. Let these children not be mistakes or small accidents, but be pure love 
by people who love each other with their heart and soul. Do not forget that you 
need to spend time with these children for the rest of your life. Make time for them 
and forget your thoughts about money and material things. Also, try to be together 
as two parents. Be there for each other, so that you can be there together for your 
own flesh and blood. Do not interfere in the children's lives all the time; they need 
to experience life by themselves. Just be there and when you see it is going wrong, 
be there for them when they need help. The first years, children depend on you and 
need all the love and warmth you can give. Make that time and be there for them. 
Later, when they come home from school, be at home so you can talk about their 
day's experiences. If there are problems, listen and help them solve them. Always 
be positive and avoid, whenever possible, negative energy coming into your children. 
Later, they will find enough problems to solve by themselves. In their first years, they
should learn the difference between positive and negative energy. Give them the 
opportunity to learn in their own way. They will be fine, because their soul knows what
it has to do.

In short:
     - Start with true love.
     - Love your children, your own flesh and blood.
     - Be there day and night.
     - Listen and do not demand, only when really needed.
     - Let them know you are there for them, your whole life.

Lastly, true love gives the world and the people around you all the power and 
positive input they need.

(Chapter 40)




"Being human is helping each other"


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