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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 4 -

Life, a beautiful time

When we first start a family, it seems an easy and normal thing to do. We love our 
partner and we decide to have children. The initial experience of this new life that is
about to start, is great. With modern technology, we can see this new life growing 
and becoming a complete human body. This body is released after 9 months and 
becomes independent from the mother and her soul. It now stands on its own on
this earth, with its own soul and spirit. The baby is no longer inside a warm body, 
but out in the open and feeling cold. From that first minute, the newborn child 
connects with the outside world. A world full of noises and various kinds of 
sicknesses and things the child has to be protected against. This is the beginning 
of a never-ending struggle, lasting a lifetime. Its mother can no longer protect the 
child against that noisy, harsh world. The newborn learns fast, we think, but what 
does the baby actually need to learn? Everything is there; all knowledge is already in 
that body. What we want children to learn, is what we think is real life. Prepare them for
this system. Make them hard, so they can survive in this world. What we do, is turn 
everything upside down, because that is exactly what we have to do for the system. 
A newborn may not be ready for the system, but its mental and physical capacities 
are already far greater than we realize.

Why do we try so hard to turn everything upside down? Why don't we learn from this 
pure life form, which is here to finish its job? It is incredible what the world does.
We always think that we have to do this or that, but what we really do is what other 
people tell us to do. All the time, we look at the world around to be sure we do the
right thing. Why? What is it that makes people so afraid that they do what other 
people want them to do? Over the centuries, human life has been dominated by a 
system made by powerful people who pretend to know everything. This system 
has its rules, rules made by those who want to have power over others. It is clear all 
over the world, including the US and Europe. These systems are no longer human, 
they are controlled by computers and digits. If you do not have the right documents,
you are outside the system. So every second of our life goes into that system. 
We cannot think or listen to our feelings; there is no time. The system kills our feelings, 
making us more dead than alive. What does such a human being do for the Universe 
in his lifetime? NOTHING! Such human beings produce nothing. This is the reason 
why they come back time and again, back to this earth to do their tasks all over again. 
Humans today are like sheep; they follow one dominant character and do not look to 
the right or to the left. They are afraid to be thrown out of the system, to be put in jail, 
to be made brain-dead or simply eliminated. This is what happens if you think too far 
outside the system. Look around you. People who protest against the system are 
gone after a while. The system determines what you can do. Every time I hear or read
the phrase 'This is a free country', I can't help laughing. Free, who knows what freedom 
means? Nobody can do anything outside the system. There is no such thing as a free 
country! There is no freedom on earth. Because if you refuse to participate in the 
system, you are considered sick, mad or crazy.

I only need to look at the few artists who work from their heart: they do not get any 
response, exhibition or feedback from others. I see it myself, since I work from a 
different perspective on the world. People are afraid to react or send me feedback. 
They are afraid and consider me abnormal. It's not a real problem, because I've risen 
above that stage of this system, its people and the empty world they live in. My work 
now comes from higher levels, which is difficult to see and feel for these people. 
They do not know what is going on, because the system tells them what to do and
what not to do. A newborn baby is free of that. How beautiful it would be if that baby 
grew up in a world full of Universal energy, without this dominating system. The child 
would be a human being far above regular humans and it would be one of the few who 
is connected and working directly from that Universal energy. A newborn is pure, 
but from the first second it has to fight against a terrible system, which starts killing
it that very moment.

Why are there no more people who see this? It's because newborn babies do not get
the chance to develop. From the first second, they have to do what their mothers say. 
Eat the food that is poisoned by the system. Everything that the newborn gets, is a 
product of the system.

What can we do against this system?
      - Stop believing all the pep talk and all the rules.
      - Stop eating junk food that is poisoned and has nothing natural in it.
      - Stop taking films, games or computers serious. They only indoctrinate your brain.
      - Stop polluting our planet, there is no time left to live here if we do not stop industries 
        and cars. 
The system needs you; you do not need the system!

Go back to nature, believe in the power of nature. Live with your feelings again and
stop listening to your brain, which was completely brainwashed by your teachers. 
Follow your instinct and do what you believe you have to do. Do not make home, cars, 
food or swimming pools an issue. These are material things and not important for 
our life. What you have to do, is to go back to the true life of our Universe. Many things 
will become clear and the most difficult questions will be answered, because we get 
our answers directly from the Universe.

What I write here probably sounds weird to you. That is fine with me, people can call 
me what they want. It does not matter, because I have already stepped out of this 
system and I can only report the beauty of a true human life: A life without pain or 
sickness and always the power to get closer to the Universe. What used to be 
questions, are now answers for me and things are no longer new, because we have 
known them for thousands of years, until we forgot them. For me, they are back and I 
can see the pain others have with their disbelief!

Universal energy is the key to an eternally beautiful life.

(Chapter 04)




"Being human is helping each other"


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