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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 39 -

The world of dieting and fitness 

With all the food that we have around us, we also have a big problem. 
The problem is that we cannot say "No", "No more" or "It's enough" to ourselves. 
Eighty percent of the population in the western world is overweight. 
Simply because we can't say NO! All the food around us, in supermarkets and 
fast-food restaurants, seems to suggest that we should eat all the time. 
We eat much, but we also sit a lot and we don't exercise. The food that we see and 
eat is not what we really need. It certainly fills our stomachs, but it won't keep us healthy. 
I told you in another chapter that a large part of our food is poisonous rather than healthy. 
The next problem is that we do not really use our body for work. Many people work
 with their mind, sitting down. During this time, the body is in a sleeping state. 
It makes us lazy and the body gets stiff, because it does not get the exercise it needs 
to be healthy. The western world believes that the answer to this problem is in the magic 
word DIET! To lose some pounds, we go on a diet. We exercise on machines for long 
periods on end. We also take vitamins, minerals and so on. The world of commerce 
tells us that we need them. It pretends to know better and in the meantime gets rich 
from their prophecies. And so we go from unhealthy food to extreme diets and fitness. 
There are many different diets, based on pills, powders and all kinds of diet products, 
even injections! Using these, we can fix the body and think we regain our health. 
Many will tell you, after a large expensive diet, "I have lost 20 pounds, but now I 
feel terrible". Naturally, because they have destroyed their health. Most of those who 
have completed a diet, regain their fat after some weeks! Others go to the opposite 
extreme and try to keep their body thin as a rake. They get so thin that they should nearly 
listen to the gale force forecasts before they go out! It is unbelievable that our western 
world wastes so much money eating poisoned, harmful food. Much money is spent on 
food and just as much, or perhaps even more, is spent on diet products and fitness! 
Diets are not necessary, not needed, if you listen to your body and do what it tells you to do. 
Instead of doing so, we listen to radio and TV commercials, which tell us how beneficial 
sport drinks, fast food or pills are. The endless TV commercials drive people crazy. 
The same people who propagandize how thin you should be. However, to get to 
that weight, you need their products. After the commercial talk, they will show you 
one of the best and tastiest snacks you can buy. These commercials are then followed 
by a talk show, with experts debating with great interest how healthy we ought to be. 
Take one pill 3 times a day and you will lose your excess fat in just a few days! 
Sick people in a sick world! And yet, many people buy those products. 
They are willing to shorten their lives by taking poisoned food, pills and injections. 
They act like sheep, following blindly people who say what is best. The next part of this 
chapter is about health and the healthiest people on earth. A profile: One is going to the 
gym at 7 o'clock in the morning and does his workout. Returning home, he eats one 
plain cracker, an apple, some vitamins/minerals and goes to work. He sits there for 
hours doing his work. In the afternoon, he goes to a restaurant and has a salad, of 
course without dressing, or only a healthy one! Then back to work. In the evening, 
on the way home, he will have his second workout in the gym. Back home, he has 
some cereal, which is supposed to be very healthy, full of whole grain and vitamins 
and minerals. This is one of the scenarios, showing one of the healthy people we see 
on TV or in books. Do you think this is healthy? To me, people like that seem narrow-minded 
and martyrs of their own body! They are addicted to machines and pills. Are they healthy? 
I wouldn't say so. Only outward appearances are important to them, to resemble the 
healthy-looking person the TV tells them to be. They believe that by doing so they have
 the perfect body, as proclaimed on TV. Many of those who go to the gym every day, 
also visit plastic surgeons regularly for all kinds of "lifts". Many of them die young, because 
of all kinds of complications. They believe that they look young and sometimes it's difficult 
to guess their age from looking at them. All this is just the outside world, the world that others 
make create. The world, they think, as it should be! Skin without wrinkles, a perfect nose 
and a body that looks as thin as a rake. Do you think that is healthy? In the gym, you can 
see them with their new, fashionable clothes, so others can say to them "Oh, you look so 
young and healthy". They have a serious health problem. They work on the outside, 
but forget about the inside. Then there is the farmer who works hard on his land all day, 
in the middle of nature. His face has hundreds of wrinkles; his meal is usually a big plate 
of bacon and beans. He wakes up before sunrise and goes to bed by sunset. 
This man will reach the age of a hundred and probably will be healthy his whole life. 
He ignores the pain in his back while he works on his land in the middle of all that the 
earth is giving him. He takes from the earth, but he also gives back to the earth! 
Let me give you a wake-up call, what I have written so far should be simple to see. 
What is going wrong around us? 
- We listen to that TV stuff, all the commercials and we think too much about being healthy.
- We do not need to be as thin as a rake; we do not need to be without wrinkles and let 
the inside of us be destroyed. 
- We do not need TV and radio talk.
- We do not need unhealthy food! 
- And above all, we do not need negative energy. 

We should change our pattern. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, not when we think
we have an appetite, but when our body tells us, "I need some food". 
Don't drive your car to the next corner, but walk instead and get some fresh air. 
Walk in a park or in a place where you can connect to Mother Earth. 
Work in the garden, if you have one, or take care of the plants in your home or 
on the balcony. A healthy person is someone who accepts his body the way it is, 
including its wrinkles. Somebody who is healthy sees his body as being "perfect" 
and it is. Not this thin, overworked gym body, with all the lifts it could get. 
Let's return to our diet. Going on a diet is the most stupid thing you can do. 
It is unhealthy and perhaps the worst thing you can do for your body. 
Taking pills, powders, sport drinks and diet products is like asking for problems. 
- Eating junk food and taking diet stuff. 
- Sport drinks and juices based on chemicals. 
- Caffeine products like tea, coffee and chocolate drinks. 
- The sugar addictive things like candy and ice-cream. 
- Alcohol or other drugs. 
- Eating pork. 
- Driving your car if you can go walking. 
- Having unnecessary snacks. 
- Taking dressings based on chemical flavors.
Stop… okay, I will stop now, because you know and see what I mean. 
It is not that you cannot take these occasionally, but only when your body asks 
you for some. You can eat as much as your body asks, as long as it is fresh fish, 
clean water, fresh, not manipulated vegetables and fruit, many grain products. 
Your body will tell you what to have. Take a big walk in a park outside the city 
and work in the garden or with plants around you. Take in the fresh air and 
observe what is going on around you in nature. Stressing in a gym, doing 
all kinds of things that people think are good for you will destroy your body. 
If you think you should go on a diet, ask yourself this question before you start:
 "Have I done everything my body asked for?" 
Diet NO! Listen to your body, 
YES! And one more thing:
" Keep moving as much as possible". 

(Chapter 39)




"Being human is helping each other"


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