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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 38 -

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year 

On days like those in the title, we feel comfortable and happy. We forget our misery for 
a while and feel great. We do our best to help others and we listen to music that 
sounds as if we are in heaven. During these days we listen more to our heart and soul 
than we usually do. We also help strangers in these days and give things away.

What is happening? These days in their present form, are nothing but a product of our
society. Things happen the way commerce wants. People are brought in the mood to 
go shopping and to spend a lot of money. The old sense and value of these days were 
lost long ago and are no longer relevant for many of us. Commerce tells us what to do 
these days. Just look around you. Billions are spent on new things. A simple Christmas 
tree must be decorated with many expensive decorations. There is even a trend to give 
a new car as a present. What about a simple hug or a friendly word? Isn't that enough? 
Companies are working overtime during these days, because they must make their 
huge sales. Their campaigns emphasize that you should love everybody. You believe
it and so you do. The idea is to make people so insecure that they spend all the money 
they have and sometimes even more! This annual "love campaign" is both large and 
ridiculous. You need to get in a special mood, because the campaign is all about 
buying things. In the end, you do help strangers and you are there for them, but 
regrettably, only during these days.

During these few days of the year, TV and radio broadcast only positive messages. 
People should love each other and care for others. All signals are positive. It is 
apparent in the news and in talk shows. It is almost all "good news". Positivism 
abounds during this season.
The idea is that when you feel good, you will help others by giving them presents. 
You need to buy those presents of course, which is the only thing these companies 
have in mind. 

After these days, it is back to bad news and wars. You return to the old life and you 
feel negative too. Where has all this lovely positive news gone? You felt good during 
those days. And then you are back where most of the media wants us to be, on the 
dark side of life, where we feel miserable. All of this under the misapprehension that 
we need to see what is really happening around the world. Of course we want to see 
what is going on, but wars started by criminals, are not interesting. This is not 
important, because such criminals start wars everywhere. It is a way of ensuring that 
they can sell as many guns, tanks and fighter planes as possible. To make war, the
men who start them, spend billions of dollars by buying war material. The items come 
from their industries and plants. The taxpayers' money spent by states, enters up in
their pockets. These are the games of a few people, who act like criminals. 
They need the press, TV stations and newspapers to show how bad the other 
side is. In this way, they convince governments to spend more money and provide 
more income for their businesses. They make billions on the killing of human beings. 
Unfortunately, almost all media support them.

We are in a negative circle and criminals profit from it. But it is not difficult to break
this circle. Tune out when the news is about war and fighting. If you happen to tune in
to talk shows focusing on negative events like wars and politics, just turn the radio or 
TV set off. Do not allow the negative input to reach you for even one second. 
Let them simmer in the negative war energy themselves. If nobody watched, there 
would be nothing to tell and they would go down in their own negative campaign.

It is possible to restore the feelings of those wonderful days: Not by spending money, 
but by opening your heart and soul for other people and yourself. It is important that 
you experience what your heart and soul tell you to do. Feel and listen and you will 
notice that from that day on, every day will be like Thanksgiving, Christmas or 
New Year. Open your heart and soul and just listen. Let all positive energy in and 
cut off that line of negative energy!

(Chapter 38)




"Being human is helping each other"


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