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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 37 -

The Soul 

A lot has been written about this subject. I see it this way: The soul is the center of 
human life. A body without a soul is not a human being but a piece of flesh and bones.
There are many questions about the soul. I think the following are the most important 

1. What is the soul?
2. Where does the soul come from?
3. When does the soul come into the body?
4. Is the soul always in the same body?
5. What does the soul do for a human life?
6. Is the soul important to us?
7. What can a soul do for us?
8. Does the soul live on after the end of a human life?
9. How old can a soul be?
10. What is the soul's mission?

I would like to go through these questions with you. You will see that the soul is the key 
of life.

1. What is the soul?
A soul is not an organ, or something made of flesh and bones. It is an inner energy that 
is supposed to be in all human lives. The soul has its own "soul life" and it has to 
accomplish many tasks. The soul life is not just one human lifetime, it is endless. 
A soul is energy, which is capable of travelling in space, wherever it wants to go. 
The body is not its home, but a place where it stays when it wants to. This energy 
stores all information it collects during the lives it fulfils. It needs and uses this 
information for itself and the Universe. If we humans do not live in accordance with 
the order of the Universe, the soul cannot finish its task during this human life. 
You cannot see a soul, only feel it. You can be connected with it any time and 
anywhere. The soul has a higher energy level than we humans do. It is capable of 
communicating at the same levels as a human being. The soul as energy is the 
engine behind our life.

2. Where does the soul come from?
The energy that we call soul, comes from the Universe. The Universe determines 
for every soul what it has to do and what it should accomplish. The Universe uses 
the information it gets from the soul. The Universe is the absolute power and the 
creator of life. It is the same Universe we ask for re-energizing every day. We 
receive a fraction of the power in order to get on in life. With that, we can fulfill the 
soul's needs. Thus, the soul and we ascend to a higher life form. A soul knows 
neither distance nor time. We humans believe in distance and time, and this gives 
us many limitations. As there is no distance and time, the soul can be everywhere. 
It is our connection to the Universe. When we connect to our soul, we receive the 
power we need from the Universe.

3. When does the soul come into the body?
Many people think that the soul enters our body when we are born. This is just a
thought. We do not need the soul all the time during the first stages of our lives. 
At those stages, we are still pure and therefore connected to the Universe. We are 
too young to act, and hence the body depends on what our parents do for us. The soul 
does not really need to stay in that particular body during that time. It will be there when 
needed, for example when the first impressions start to come into our brain that it can 
do something with. The soul is always there, when a new human being has problems. 
The soul is timeless and has no particular place to stay.

4. Is the soul always in the same body?
As we know now, the soul can be everywhere. It comes and goes. A soul can live in 
different bodies during one human life. As limitations of time and distance do not exist,
the soul utilizes the time when we do not use it. For example, when we sleep or when
 we do our job (on the automatic pilot), it can go to another body that needs its input. 
Because of influences from outside, the soul decides to be there. Then it is 
temporarily away from our body. One soul can live in several human bodies. It is not 
a problem, but it depends on what kinds of tasks it has. All souls have their own tasks 
to fulfill. How they accomplish their tasks, depends on how strong they are. A young 
soul that has just started, has more problems coping with its first task. Therefore, it 
needs all of its energy. An older soul can be a part of a human life with only 20% of 
its energy or less and so uses the other 80% in other bodies. Normally, 50% of the 
main power stays in the soul world to manage those different lives.

5. What does the soul do for a human life?
As I said, in its "soul life" the soul has to accomplish all kinds of tasks the Universe 
instructs it to do and which the complete energy needs. The soul has its tasks to fulfill 
and thus to help us humans to get to a higher energy level in life. We are at a low level 
and are just at the beginning. We start with a low energy level that we get from the 
Universe. The soul has to show us the way to get on in life: Not in a material way, but 
what life should be in our own point of view. Many people are lagging behind with their
tasks. It is very difficult for the soul to get us back on track. We need the soul also to 
get on in life and accomplish our goals. Many of us are no longer connected to our 
energy field. We live in a virtual world and follow the wrong path. This is why the soul 
cannot help us. The soul needs the connection to the earth (human being) and the 
Universe. However, in a virtual life, there is no soul and no connection to the Universe. 
The virtual world is not a world where we can grow. Because of this, the soul cannot 
do anything for us and goes into another body, where there is still a connection. 
Human bodies that live in this so-called virtual world, are dead (empty). Oddly 
enough, our entire system resembles a virtual one! A human being who stands in 
real life, with earth and nature around him, is part of this life. These are human 
bodies that a soul can use in order to fulfill the task of the Universe.

6. Is the soul important to us?
Yes, the soul is like the engine of our life; it keeps us going. If you are not open to the 
soul and don't listen to what it tells you, you live a wasted life! If we are open to our soul, 
it tells us what to do when problems occur. We need that soul to recharge our battery 
every day and this gives us the energy to go on. The soul is the connection to the power 
of the Universe. There is a lot to learn. When you start to connect with your soul, to 
accomplish the tasks, amazing things will happen. Everything is possible to the soul. 
Believing in your soul will give you a glimpse of that world. By listening to your soul, you 
are able to travel in the Universe without your body and see what real life is. So the soul 
is important, because without it we would no longer be here.

7. What can a soul do for us?
I almost answered that question in the part above. The engine of life is our soul. 
Without a soul, there is no life. True, but what can a soul do for us? Simple. It shows
us the path to a perpetual life. Yes, when we listen to our soul and cooperate with it, 
part of us will remain in that soul forever. Because of that, we continue to live after 
this life here on earth. Learning from all the obstructions in life, is like a school we 
should complete for the soul. Doing so, we gain a place in that soul forever and go 
with it to the next task. This may sound like science fiction, but that doesn't matter, 
as long as you see the big picture. Believing, as I told you, is the positive energy
that we can use. Moreover, while we believe, we are connected to the soul and 
hence to the Universe. We should learn to do that. In all these thousands of years, 
people have almost forgotten how important it is to be connected. The soul is 
capable of taking us to a higher life form, as long as we have confidence in it. 
Trust your soul and you will see.

8. Does the soul live on after the end of a human life?
As I said, souls live forever. There are various souls that have problems to get back
to Universal life, because of the human bodies they lived in. The person, the body in 
which a soul resides at that moment, may be murdered, have an accident or take its 
own life. Then this human body cannot accomplish its tasks. The soul is not lost, but 
it has to close that life, in order to find the path back to the Universe. We call these 
lost souls "ghosts". When a human life does not end in a natural way, the soul cannot 
go back, because it has not finished its task the way it was supposed to do. It has to 
wait until it gets the opportunity to do its task in another human body. All the 
information a soul gathers from different lives, is stored in it. When a life ends abruptly,
 the "hard disk" is still open. Therefore, this experience can be a problem in another
human life. This is why some people struggle with things from past lives. The
information of the past lives is not meant for the new human body. However, the soul 
does not close its last life or finishes it. It cannot close it, because the person did not 
die in a natural way. If you struggle with past lives, or you have strange feelings about 
what happens in this present life, those problems may be due to an irregularly closed 
life or events in a past life. Going back to that event in your past life can be a relief if 
you know how to close that event (case). After that, you can go on with your new life. 
As you see, "ghosts" are not lost. They search for a new body and sometimes it is 
difficult for them to find the right one. As I told you, time is not a problem and a ghost 
that is hundreds years old, for example, is a "newborn" in a soul's life. Every soul 
returns to the soul's world. In the Universe, there is a "place" where all souls come 
together and wait for their next task. They are all connected to each other, because 
they work together for the same Universe.

9. How old can a soul be?
A soul in our human body is endless! As you know, not everybody has his own unique 
soul! On the contrary, the soul is capable of handling different bodies in a single human 
lifetime. It depends on what these bodies do with the soul. There are new souls, which 
have just started. Others are thousands of years old and still do not know more than 
those that have just started. It depends on how fast a soul gets the opportunity to grow.
Souls have different colors and these stand for how far they have come. A novice soul 
is white and most of us have those souls. Older souls change to off-white, yellow, light 
blue, dark blue and purple. If a soul is blue, then it is one of the helpers of the differently 
colored souls. It helps them to arrange the learning process in life. A purple soul is an 
"absolute soul". At this stage, its mission is fulfilled and it is now a creator. 
The Universe needs such "creators" to manage a different part of the Universe that has
 to keep growing. It is impossible to imagine how old a soul can be, but again, this is 
only because we believe in time.

10. What is the soul's mission?
A soul is a higher life form than human beings are, but it has the same mission as we 
do: TO LEARN. We cannot imagine how powerful the positive energy of a soul is, 
which is a fraction of the absolute Universal power! It has to handle all information it 
gets from us to make the right choices for us, for itself and for the Universe. We often 
act like silly children, because every time we acquire a small piece of that energy, we 
use it the wrong way and lose it again. Many times, we get the opportunity to use this 
power, but often we waste it. The soul must be very patient, like we should be with our 
children. Hopefully, they will learn some things from us. It is tough for the soul, to work 
with us difficult human beings. It is not its primary task, but it is the toughest one in a 
soul's life. Before the soul enters a human being for the first time, it is present in plants 
and animals. The last one was the "easy part" for the soul. After all that learning, it turns 
into different colors. At the end of working with human lives, it becomes purple, which 
is the last stage of its task. As a creator, it can proceed in the Universal life and from
there on to its next task. It stays there until its task in that field has been fulfilled. 
After that, it goes on to a larger field until it reaches a stage where it can be one on 
its own. In that way, the soul is also working its own life up to an absolute life. A life that
we humans will never see. However, we experience it, because we are a part of it.

Lastly, we can say the soul is the engine of our life. We need this engine to accomplish 
our task. We also need the soul to connect with the absolute positive energy, the 
Universal power. Living without a soul is to waste our lives. We also waste our lives
if we keep living in this materialistic virtual life, which will get us nowhere. By connecting 
to the soul, we can indirectly help others, the soul and the Universe. Souls keep coming 
back to earth to accomplish their tasks. Some of them will do so faster than others, but 
they all have to go through their tasks. Living together with the soul is living in a present 
life, a life full of surprises. For us humans, it is the absolute life and so we fulfill our part 
in it. Believe it, but do not expect miracles. The miracles you get are gifts from your soul.

(Chapter 37)




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