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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 35 -

Totally blind 

In the chapter "Seeing", I wrote about human beings who do not really see. They read 
a letter but fail to see what is written. They read a part of it and think they know all that 
is there. Such people do not really see what is there, because they do not look. 
This is the reason why they do not realize what is actually happening to them.

Enough about seeing and not seeing. I want to talk about "blind" people.

Perhaps you know someone who is blind. Actually, I don't want to talk about those 
people either. I want to talk about people who have two healthy eyes, but still cannot 
see. More specifically, they cannot see what others do to them.

I am talking about people who behave like sheep in a flock; who follow others and do 
exactly what the first sheep makes them do. We live in a world in which most people 
act like members of a group, following a leader. A single person, often with millions 
of follower, doing what he wants. Sounds familiar? It's the same in many countries. 
There may also be a group that we call the opposition. They are against the leading 
group, but they too follow a leader. Groups fight, wage war and try to kill each other. 
Just because they have been told to do so. Most of these leaders themselves stay 
far away from the actual problems. They sit in their ivory towers, watching what 

It is strange that millions, even billions, of people don't have an opinion of their own. 
They do what the powers that be, tell them to do. They follow not only presidents, kings 
or ministers but also church leaders. The leaders and their churches make many 
people unhappy. Their primary attention is for their personal wealth and how to gather 
more! All their followers are "blind" sheep; They do not think and cannot see what is 
really happening to them.

Why can't we humans see what is going on? Why do human beings follow such 
people? Maybe it's the easiest way? Are they so easy-going and believe 
everything they are told? Or are they afraid of the leaders? Are we really willing to 
give our lives away for those few people? To all these questions, the answer is 
YES! We do not want any of that really, but we are blind and lazy, and we prefer the 
easy way. With that, we throw our lives away and believe we get an easy one instead. 
A mistake. This life will be a lost one and certainly not easy, because you go through 
life blinkered. This life is important to you and nobody else. If you throw it away, you 
waste that moment and therefore you will have to redo it.

Open your eyes and see what really happens. See what others are doing to you; 
Take a step back, but don't fight. Instead, tell them: From now on, I do it my way; 
the way I feel I should solve the problems that I find on my path. Open your eyes and 
see what is really going on. You will find the solutions to the problems yourself.

Stop being blind sheep, and return to being human beings with you own view on life.

Take off your blindfold and start now.

(Chapter 35)




"Being human is helping each other"


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