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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 34 -


Elsewhere, I have written about the "Ball of light" and "Sunlight, the growing power".
However, I don't think I have written enough about light. Light is the source of life and 
the power of all power. Light is our life, and much more! Light is pure, positive and
unpolluted. It cannot hurt us humans, because it is our source of life during our time 
here on earth.
     - Light gives us life.
     - Light gives us warmth.
     - Light lets us grow.
     - Light heals us.

But most importantly, we need light because it is our source of power. We cannot 
exist if there is no light. You may think: "What about the people who spend their 
working days in an office or in space?" This is what you think about light. You think
there is only one light source, which is the sun. This is not right. The thing is that you 
do not really look around you. Haven't you noticed that the Universal light is 
everywhere? If you haven't, it means you are blind. But there is no need to go and 
see an eye doctor. There is nothing wrong with your eyes. The Universal light is not 
seen with your eyes! Let me show you what to do:
      - Go to your bedroom and lie down on the bed.
      - Place your arms against your body and stretch out your legs.
      - Relax and try to be calm.
     - Close your eyes and wait.
     - Breathe slowly.
     - Wait until you see the lights appearing around you.

They are blue, white, red, all kinds of colors. Can you see them? This is the light of 
our Universe. It is the light that gives you health, happiness and therefore, a good life.
If you cannot see this light, no problem; do not make a point of it. Later, when you have 
done this frequently, you will also be able to see this beautiful light. By doing the 
exercise that I wrote about in Chapter 13, you will be able to use this light. But the most 
important thing is that you believe. If you believe in this power, it will give you all kinds 
of tools that you can use. One of the tools is light. Because light is so powerful, it can 
go into you and through you, and it will eliminate all sickness and negative energy. 
It may sound unbelievable, but this light is more important than food. We can eat 
70% less and we will be healthier than we are now. We eat too much out of habit, 
not because we need it. We need this light to collect the power we need. Compare it 
to the battery of your car, which recharges while you drive. If the alternator breaks 
down, the car will go nowhere after a while. The same happens to us. We need this
light to keep working. We should take the time and give the light the opportunity to 
come into us and do its work. With all the vitamins, mineral pills and so on, we do not 
feed our body with what it really needs. Because it is impossible to put Universal light 
in a pill. We cannot live on pills and chemical substances. If we continue this way of life, 
we will get onto a sidetrack, until the body stops running. Listen to your body and 
experience what the Universal light can do. Do not try to explain what is happening, 
just let it happen. You will see what you are capable of. And you will feel great with the 
power of the Universal light! Forget those pills and medicines. Believe in the highway 
of life, by following the power of light. Believe - I cannot tell you often enough - because 
it is very important. Believing, together with light, has more strength. Believe and you 
will see.

(Chapter 34)




"Being human is helping each other"


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by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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