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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 32 -


Some things in life never go the way you want. Your life goes the way the Universal 
power wants and you should follow that path. If you go too far to the left or to the right,
you lose your path and you will have to find the way back to that Universal path by 
yourself. By searching to get back to that Universal path, you must go through a lot of 
events that were not meant for you in the first place.

At times like that, it looks as if you are on your own and lost in space. But you are not 
alone, not even when you have strayed from your path. The power of the Universe is 
always there, willing to help you. Yes, willing because you should accept and be 
convinced that this power can help you. These days, many people are lost, turning 
around in the same spot and unable to find their way back. They are so lost, not only 
in their path, but also in their beliefs. So they are unable to get the right course from 
the Universal power.

They fight to get on in life; they fight against walls of steel, because they feel that there
is no way out. Why are so many people lost on this small earth these days? Why do 
people fight and take other people's lives or other people's existence? All of us are 
able to receive the waves and the power around us and to place them in our being, 
so we know what to do and how to act. Today, the earth has many negative waves, 
because many people view their lives in a negative way. We have to deal with them all. 
We first need to filter the good waves from the bad ones. This takes us back again to 
the issue of positivism and negativism. 

Compare it to e-mail and spamming. All those spam e-mails that end up in your 
mailbox slow down your mail server and the good e-mails have to wait to be sent to 
the right place. It's the same with your body. It needs to filter out all negative energy 
in order to get the positive energy into you. Negative input has taken over the positive 
energy of your life, slowing down your energy. What you need, is better filtering to 
prevent negativism from entering into your body and slowing down your energy.

If we listen to our body, it tells us what to do to erase all that negative energy and 
how to keep it out. Our body is so powerful; it has a solution for everything. But our 
overworked brain cannot handle all this information. It is unable to get rid of it or put it 
on a sidetrack. This sidetrack is the place where you believe yourself to be at that 
moment and it is surrounded by steel walls. But there are no real steel walls and it is 
only you thinking you are in a dead end. Your brain is overworked because of all your
pondering, believing that thinking is a way to survive. This is false, because we have
forgotten one important thing, which is to listen to our feelings. Our feelings are always 
right! It may seem as if following your feelings gets you even further from the path, but
that is not so; only your feelings know the right direction.

Years ago, I became terribly sick and doctors told me they had to send me to hospital 
for a long time. Alternatively, they said, you need to stop your advertising agency! 
"Great! There goes your work, your income," my brain told me, but my feelings were 
giving different signals and told me; "do it". A few weeks later, I closed my agency and 
my income dropped. "What should I do now?" I had no work and no money, but I did 
start to feel a little bit better! I took some paper and started to draw again, for the first 
time after a long time. Some money came in and I could pay the bills and buy enough 
to eat. My feelings told me clearly, " this is the right direction". From that moment on, 
I climbed out of that deep abyss. I stood by my decision and my feelings keep telling 
me that it was good. Now here I am, healthy, with food around me on my own land. 
My animals are looking at me through the window as if they are wondering what am I 
doing behind my drawing table.

What I wanted to say is that sometimes it may seem as if you take crazy decisions, 

which later turn out to be not so crazy at all! Decisions that come straight from your 
feelings, and out of the depth of your heart, are indications that you are on the right 
path. Even when I closed my agency and I had no money, I was not alone because 
the Universal power led me back onto the right track in life. Only by listening to your
feelings, keeping your mind open and leaving your brain for what it is, you will always 
be able to come back to your own way of life and you will never do it alone.

(Chapter 32)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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