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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 31 -


POSITIVISM is a very important word, but what is its definition? I could write down the
meaning from a dictionary, but that is how others view it.

I use what I feel and therefore I don't like to write as is expected by others. I just wrote 
something that does not sound very positive. When you talk about hate, pain, misery, 
et cetera, you are thinking negatively. What does positivism do with your life? Let me 
first explain what negativism does in life. In short, it breaks it down. It makes life a 
misery. Negative input can never have positive output, just as negative thoughts can 
never turn into positive thoughts. Writing in a negative way can never be positive for 
others. Always talking negatively is guaranteed to get you negative words back.

Take this example: One day, you have a terrible morning and you feel that everything 
is going wrong. Then you have to go to a store to buy some tomatoes. After a long 
drive, you are in the store and ask the assistant if he has any tomatoes. He answers 
that there aren't any, and you tell him this is not acceptable, because a store needs 
to have tomatoes! The poor boy tries to convince you that there were some problems 
with deliveries that day and you overreact by making a lot of noise in the store. 
What you get is that you are talking so negatively in that store that other people wish 
you were thousands of miles away. All these negative thoughts come into you and at 
the end of the day, you say to your husband: "I've had a terrible day today, everything 
went wrong, even the store had no tomatoes". Your day became a terrible one just 
because of a few tomatoes? No, your day became miserable because you went to 
that store irritated and did not find your tomatoes. You sent a lot of negative energy 
into that store, which came back to you making you feeling sick that day! That is 
what happened.

There are only two ways in life: One is to see everything in a negative way. You will 
have a terrible time here on earth. On the other hand, if you try to see everything
positively, you will see life can be beautiful and full of surprises. These days, one can 
safely say that 80% of all people see everything in a negative way. How often have 
you heard someone say "I never have any luck."? Every day when I wake up and I 
look out of my window, I say: "I'm lucky to be here so I can work for another day".

Many people talk about their sicknesses every day. When you meet a friend and ask: 
"How are you doing", you wouldn't be surprised to hear a long story about what went 
wrong seeing several doctors. Some people revel in their sicknesses. Or at least it 
seems so. Why are you always talking about what you feel and about all kinds of 
illnesses you have? Why is it necessary for you to compete with others when it comes 
to sicknesses? Why do you constantly talk about that negative part of your being?

I can tell you that the more you talk about your sickness, the sicker you will get. Talking
about the weak part of your being, keeps it alive. I have decided to stop talking about
the weaknesses I had, and I am now feeling healthy! I have stopped thinking about all
the pains I had, and I did not talk about them either. From that day on, I told myself: 
"You are healthy". Since that day, there has not been any pain and I have not been 
sick. It may sound unbelievable, but it is true, for sickness is a negative part in your 
brain. Your brain will make you sick if you always think negatively.

When I got the flu, I asked the power to take over the symptoms. After a few hours, 
the flu was gone so I could go on drawing.

What I do, is ask the Universal power to take over the weakness and I do not think 
about it any longer. You do not have to think about it, because the Universal power
takes care of it. Just have true confidence in the Universal power that it will take the 
weakness out of your mind and body.

By thinking positively, a lot of positive power accumulates inside your being. When 
your being is filled with positive power, it is able to take back control. We all came 
on earth healthy, but we get sicker and sicker, because we accept negative energy 
into our lives.

You should see everything that happens around you in a positive way. Look at 
everything as a lesson and see what you can learn from them.

There is also a way to cleanse yourself from negative input: 
- Let the negativeness flow from your body into the earth. 
- Follow this negative input and you will see a positive root behind the negative energy. 
- Pick up that root and take it back into your body, so that negative energy cannot live
its own life in your body.

Every day, I thank the power of the Universe for the things I learned that day and for 
my health. Being thankful for that power and believing in it, are ways to have an 
exceptional life, full of positiveness.

Think positively and forget about being negative!

(Chapter 31) 




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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