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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 30 -

This moment

This one split second in one human life. What in the world can be more important than 
this second? Nothing, wouldn't you agree?

The reason why we have so many problems, is because we keep thinking about 
everything, trying to find solutions. What is wrong, is to think about what will happen 
the next hour, tomorrow or next month. We want to find the perfect scenario for every
new problem that emerges, but we also think back about what went wrong and why it 
went wrong. This is what happens: We live most of our lives in the future or in the past,
and we forget about the present, "now". This second that gives you a new view on 
your life. This split second that gives you a great feeling when you watch a bird playing 
with its mate. This split second that shows you the beauty of life, the beauty of your 
children. We simply ignore the beauty of this second and fill it with thoughts that never 
end and that will never give us any solution. This beautiful second is gone, lost in 
negative feelings about the past and the future.

Why do we do this? Simply, because people think too much and believe that they 
need to think all things over in life, forgetting to enjoy this moment. Is thinking not 
important then? Let me put it this way. If you always live in the past or in the future, 
you are not really living, because nothing new will enter your life! You allow negative 
things to affect your life freely, because you are too busy pondering. It is important to 
live your life now, it is perhaps just as important as breathing. Look at the world 
around you, feel and enjoy the great things you see.

How many times have you heard yourself say: "It is so sad that the children are 
growing up so fast; before I know it, they will be going their own ways"? This is a 
clear example of modern life. We do not have the time to see our own children 
grow up, because we are too busy making money. We are always working, busy 
doing other things, but a simple thing like looking at what your children are doing, is 
too much. We always have something to do and tell the children: "keep quiet", "I am 
working", or "I'm busy". This is why you think your children are growing up so fast, 
because you are not connected with them and only see fragments of their lives.

It is hard to understand people who take their children in kindergarten every day, to 
spend all their time there. These parents will never know how their children are 
growing up. The children are missing out on their parents' love and attention. Later, 
the parents are surprised that their children do not listen anymore and take to the 
streets looking for attention in a negative or positive way, no matter how, as long as
they get attention.

We should make the time for our children. If we do not give them that important time,
they will try to get it from others. A split second can be so very important. Please try to 
live second by second and listen to what your feelings tell. Then you will be connected 
with your own life. Living that second after second will give you a different perspective 
on life and you will see your life taking a positive turn.

It only takes one second!

(Chapter 30) 




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