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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 3 -

The reason why we live

Our main form of life does not have a solid form, but is completely transparent.

The main goal of this earthly life is to learn, to listen to and to live with our feelings. 
In the beginning, humans did everything with their feelings and achieved a great 
deal in life. They listened to their bodies, because their brains were not as educated 
as ours are now. Whatever their feelings told them to do, they did. There were no 
thoughts as we have now. Today, everything is deliberated and we concentrate a 
great deal on small things. We hope that this helps us take the right decisions. 
Things were different in the beginning. There were not so many experiences or things 
to think about. Thinking has accelerated in the last centuries, but this is not the human 
way of life. It is true that we have a brain and that it needs to work, but this brain is like 
a computer. It processes the changes and tells us what to do. But obeying a computer
is ridiculous. It has no heart, no soul, no spirit and no feelings! This is the reason why a 
computer can never replace a human being. And it is therefore not right to follow just 
what your brain tells you to do. This is the source of the biggest mistakes. All truly great 
people have one thing in common: they listen to what their feelings tell them to do. 
Apparently out of the blue, they make decisions that our rational brain would call crazy, 
but they follow their feelings. If Bill Gates had not held on to his dreams and his feelings, 
we would not be working on computers with Microsoft today. Feelings are the most 
powerful engines behind all crazy things that happen in this world. We focus too much 
on material things and take our decisions based on them. In our dreams, we see 
images and we try to transplant them to our waking state. Most of the time, we fail and 
we leave it like that. What has gone wrong is that we try to connect dreams to our 
material world: Two different things that can never fuse. Feelings are the link between 
dreams and reality. Feelings tell you what road to take, how to make that dream 
come true.

In real life (our main goal), we try to accomplish something. Most of us do not know what, 
how, or when to do it. Most of us have forgotten which path to take in order to 
accomplish our goal in life.

But two things in life never die. The first is our Soul and second is our Spirit.
Some people believe that they live forever and they are right, because the Spirit and 
Soul go on infinitely. If your Spirit goes deeper into the matter, it becomes a Soul, 
which will be with you forever. The other way around, if matter goes into your Spirit, it 
becomes mind and your mind dies after one human life. Mind and body die after a 
human life, Soul and Spirit go on eternally.

If you choose to listen to your feelings, your life will be pure and clean. It is pointless to 
listen to your thoughts, because they come from your mind. They only exist during this
one lifetime and then die. Another way of looking at feelings is to regard them as signs
from your Soul and Spirit. Feelings contain the experiences of an infinite learning 

In this life, many of us try to accumulate as many material things around us as possible. 
We think we need a car, a house and perhaps even a swimming pool. We think we 
need McDonalds and General Motors, because without them we cannot live.
This is wrong. All we need is a healthy body, a body we get in a healthy state when we
are born. If you listen to your spirit, your soul and your feelings, your life will be a better
one! If we spend our lives collecting material things and not listening to our feelings, we 
need to come back over and over again, because we haven't learned enough. Until we 
have learned that material life is not the real life, but the matrix created by human 
thinking. To find the state of true nature in this life, means to listen to our heart and soul.
If we listen to our feelings, we will eventually not need to come back to this human life,
but instead go on to a new creation and in another life form. This may be on earth or 
somewhere else. We need to learn about the state of feelings before we can reach a 
higher level in our eternal life.

If your feelings tell you to do completely different things than your mind, stick to your 
feelings. The pure way is not always the easy way, but it will make you better and 
stronger in the future. Think of your mind as a computer with information only from this 
one human life. Your feelings contain the experiences of your entire lifetime! Trust your 
feelings; it is what makes great people great. If your feelings are contradicted by your 
mind, don't worry. What is important is what you feel and what you believe!

BELIEVING in your feelings is the power that will get you everywhere you want. 
BELIEVE and you will see a completely different world outside the matrix created by 
the human brain. Your feelings and beliefs are the keys to a healthy and rich life.

Go for your feelings! Look at the beautiful world we live in and what we are able to do
in one simple human life. Do it now. It will also work for you!

(Chapter 03) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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