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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 29 -


When we were born, we got two beautiful eyes. Whether they are black, brown, gray, 
blue or green, all are capable of seeing light in different forms and shapes. These two 
eyes are masterpieces in every human body. With these eyes, we can see everything
around us; we see the shapes, colors and beauty of nature and human life.

But what do we do really with these two eyes? Not much, because people do not really 
look. I have worked in the field of art for some 50 years and I have always had the same 
problem with my students: they don't see! Many people are virtually blind. This may 
sound weird, because almost everybody can read, drive and see what is happening 
around them. This is true, but this is not the "seeing" that I am talking about. I have 
created a drawing course just to teach people to see what is in front of them. It is 
incredible to see the problems they have in seeing simple objects. When I ask 
somebody the color of the T-shirt I wore an hour before, they do not know. 
How often do you think "What did the man I spoke to just now look like?" We all have
a serious problem; we do not really register what we see around us. We talk a lot, but 
we forget to listen and to see! We think things do not change or we think the 
information is not important enough. If a man with an ugly face is bothering you, you 
will remember his face for weeks. In such a case, you are able to imprint that face 
into your mind and hold it there. Why do negative experiences stay in your mind 
more easily? Why do we not keep the positive things in our mind and erase all the 
negative images? People who have had a car crash, continue to see those images 
for years. Why do we not see the peaceful seascape in our mind for a long time? 
Our brain is so busy absorbing negative images that it has no time to register all 
positive things. On the contrary, it seems as if we are waiting for negative images 
and that we are eager to see them, because deep inside us, we like them! 
Yes, you are the one who holds on to these negative pictures.

It is important that you learn to see and store everything positive in your mind.
When you look around and see children playing, watch them and enjoy their game.
It will add to your pleasant experience on a beautiful day. So does the butterfly sitting 
on a colorful flower and making you feel happy. There are thousands of examples 
every day. You only need to open your eyes and let the power of these images give 
you happiness.

Learning to see is not easy, though, because during the course of thousands of years 
we have lost the ability to see. But if you want and if you accept to learn, you will find
the beautiful world of images again. From now on, every day will be an exceptional day.

A simple exercise:
     - Sit down somewhere.
     - Focus on a simple object in front of you.
     - Look at the object for one minute.
     - Close your eyes and visualize the object in your mind.
     - Can you see its shape?
    - Its colors?
    - Look carefully with your eyes closed and if you are ready, open your eyes and 
      see what you missed in the image in your mind.

(Chapter 29) 




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