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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 28 -

It is okay

It's okay to think that you know everything and nothing is new in life. It makes you one 
of the first human beings on earth who thinks he/she is perfect. But perfection does 
not exist. By merely reading or talking about life, how to live and what to do, you will 
never get to experience the Core of life.

Looking around me and reading on the Internet and in books, I get the idea that some 
people believe they are gods! They write books, almost impossible to understand, 
using many difficult words to explain something simple like "what is life?". There must 
be hundreds of thousands of books written on that topic alone. There are people who 
claim to make you healthy for a modest fee. Others talk incessantly to make you 
believe that you will be fine for the rest of your life if you give them your money. 
Others give you the feeling that you are a nobody and that they are a God on earth.

What is happening here, is very simple. Some people make a lot of money out of 
other people's misery and feelings. They break you down further, and then they 
appear like angels, to help you, for a reasonable price. This will make you feel 
better, they promise. Others send you a book for what they consider very little 
money, but you need a dictionary to understand the words in it. And even then, you 
are unable to follow what they are talking about. All this because they are hiding 
something that you can have for free and that is already in you! What they try to 
sell you is something you can have for free. IF…, yes, if you know how to get it. 
Health, friendship, happiness and feeling fine are free.

Over the years, I have read many books because I wanted to know more about life 
and death. Strangely enough, I never found anything I didn't already know from the 
time I was born. Why is this? Why do I want to find in books what is already so clear, 
what I already know, which is how to get on in life?

The reason is that I missed a link. I found it through friends who told me indirectly that 
one has to believe. Believe, but believe in what? Believe in yourself and the power 
of the Universe. That's all it takes. A single word in all the millions of books, holds the 
key to the solution of all problems. BELIEVE.

Most religions are based on believing, but that is not the kind of believing I mean. 
Believing in God, Buddha, Allah and so on, is something created by people. All holy 
books were written by human beings who wanted to gain power over others. Most of 
these wars waged around the world were started because everybody believes in 
their own gods! Believing in God is not a problem, but believing in God as a person 
or an almighty one is wrong, because God is not a person, nor does God dictate us 
or force his will upon us. God is a power that is all over the world and in the whole 
Universe. The churches that tell you how to live your life are those who want to have 
power over people's lives. Today's world does not know better. But we need to learn 
and accept that what is important, is your own life, your own power and your own way 
to help others.

Many think that we have to pay for everything and come up with lots of money to get 
the answer to the question of how to live. Only few know that all of this is free. You do 
not need to take my word for it, but just think about it.

Life is too beautiful to miss a single moment.

(Chapter 28) 




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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