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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 27 -

There are no supergods on earth

This may sound like a strange title. For many years, I have studied all kinds of ways 
of living. I have come across people who believe they are supergods. They think that 
what they say, is the only truth. This is false, because they ignore the goal of healing 
and helping people. In the world in which we live, there are no superheroes. All of us 
are equal and we all have different powers. Most people do not know how to use 
these powers. Others are not interested, because they think they do not need it. 
Some people make a big deal of this power and think they are gods. The people 
who think they are gods, have a problem. They need others to be someone. 
They trample over others to get to the top. What they also do is try to get as much 
energy as possible from other people. For me, this is the same as taking someone's 
life! It is bad to take other people's energy and use it so you can keep working. 
There is enough energy around for everybody and you can take as much as you need.
But people like this take it from you, making you believe that they are almighty. 
Just look around you. People who think and talk about an idol are completely 
obsessed and absorbed by this (wonder) man or woman. The idol has complete 
control over these people, because idols take people's energy to show them how 
powerful they are. It is the way to get on top, to get people around you who think, 
"he/she is the best". So they take power from others to make themselves stronger.

In real life, many people do so. Your boss wants to be powerful, an artist the greatest, 
a sportsman the best, a doctor a superman, et cetera. If you were to stop and think 
how many people you place above yourself, it makes you feel like nothing. But it is 
what they want, you feeling Mr/Mrs Nobody. When you are nobody, they will be 
almighty. You may do everything by yourself, work miracles among other things, 
while they get all the credit.

What I am trying to say is simple. There is no idol, there is no supergod and there 
is no superman! We are all the same and we can do everything we want, as long as 
we believe in it. Believe in yourself, believe in the power and believe in what is around 
you. Keep your eyes open and do not place anybody above yourself. I have already 
said in another chapter that God is not a person, God is our entire life, we are in the 
middle of it and so we are all God.

(Chapter 27)  




"Being human is helping each other"


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