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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 26 -


"Simple" is a powerful word, which we use too little. It is the word that tells us that we
live in a complex world. The word "simple" does not apply to our world of technology, 
computers and our system. Schools make everything complicated, so we need more 
years to complete the learning process. But what is it that we learn? We learn to do 
everything in a difficult way. What we learn has no relevance for the real world. 
Take medical doctors and specialists. They study the human body and find billions of 
cells, but they forget what a human body really is. What we have forgotten, is simplicity, 
the key to everything. Life is energy and energy is life. Our bodies are no different from 
a simple rock, water or air. We are like the animals, plants or fish. All of life has to do
with energy! Energy has been around us for millions of years, but we have now 
reached a stage where we have forgotten what the key is to our life. I have read many 
books, seen millions of words and sentences, but I have learned more from being 
outside, seeing how nature handles everything. Plants come and go, as do birds and 
all the other animals. Looking at everything, one could say "life is so simple". We make 
everything complicated and at the same time, we believe that we get more and more 
things under control. But there is no control, because the lives we live are already 
completely controlled by the one power that we call "energy". We all are a part of that 
energy, we live by its rules we are unable to control the energy, because we lack the 
power to do so. The reason why the world is so complicated today, is because there 
are people and a system that want to make everything look complex, to prevent us 
from understanding it. They themselves do not understand it either, but those who 
make the rules can think they are the rules.

The main point is that we have forgotten how to live in a simple way, how to deal with 
our problems in a simple way. By surrounding problems with complex matter, we fail
to see a solution, and we look at other people to help us. By seeing, looking at a 
problem simply and giving it a chance to be absorbed by the total energy, the 
solution will come by itself.

The next time you face a major problem, do not react like the system. Instead, wait 
and let the Universal power handle it. The solution will be there as soon as you need it.

That is Simple!

Chapter 26) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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