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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 25 -


In this chapter, I would like to show you how I lead my life with the power of the 
Universe backing me. The same thing is happening in your life.

I have always known that there is more than what I can see around me. 
Having lived for more than 50 years, it is time to write things down, to ensure 
they are not lost forever.

I was born in the Netherlands, in May of 1954. Our home was located in a large 
forest in the south of the country. Only a few people lived in those woods and the 
nearest neighbour was more than a mile away from us. The first seven years of my life, 
I was fully connected to nature and Mother Earth. Most of the time I played in the woods 
and my friends were the animals and plants around me. As a child, I was by myself in 
that large forest, but I never felt alone or lonely. Every day was a special day, because
there was so much to learn from the animals and nature around me.

The first proof of there being more came when I visited elementary school and I met 
other children. In school, I found everything a waste of time. What did I need all those 
things for? Most subjects I had to learn there, were of no use in further life. My clothes 
were different from the other children's, so we were strangers to each other. I never 
fought at school and to this day, I still haven't been involved in a single fight. Fighting 
is a sign of weakness. As young as I was, I solved problems by talking or by taking a 
step backwards.

The second proof soon followed. One day, I was standing in front of the back window 
of our house watching the bad weather and animals trying to find food. Some squirrels 
were playing there, including my favourite, which I called "Mieke". She was a squirrel 
that came to the house every day to get some food out of our storeroom. In a split 
second, I saw something large and burning heading straight for our house. It was a 
fighter jet about to crash down on us. In that split second, many things happened. 
It was not my end yet, that was for sure, but that burning plane would be my end, if 
nothing changed its course. I kept looking and saw the plane making a 45-degree turn 
by touching a big birch tree in our backyard. It was enormously big for me, as I was 
only a small boy. By making that turn, the jet plane did not crash on our house, but on 
our neighbours' further down. I ran to the next window on the right side of the house 
and saw the plane burning in our woods, in a big ball of fire. My mother pulled me
back seconds later, to get us outside the house, afraid of the explosions that might 
follow. That plane was destined to crash into our house. That tree was my playmate 
and I talked to it often, and the tree saved us from the plane crash. How this was 
possible is clear to me now, because with my thoughts that this was not the end of 
my life and with the help of my playmate the birch tree, we changed the course of that 
plane. I thought for a long time that it was a miracle, but now things are clear to me.

By the time I was seven, we moved to a small village. This was a difficult time for me, 
because I had to leave my playmates behind and had to play with the children from 
school. For me, these children were "simple", wasting their time trying to learn.
Sitting at school desks, listening to what one person was saying. It was and it is still 
a waste of time. What is more important than learning directly from Mother Nature? 
One could see that they depended on what the teachers told them and the most 
terrible thing was that they believed them. Making them brain dead, cramming all 
this unimportant information into their brains. This is what happens at most schools.

I continued to work and think in my own way, and this has worked until today. I have 
survived and I now have a beautiful life. I never had very many friends, only a few 
people who have also found another way to live a pure life, have become my friends.
I had a friend who was addicted to drugs and I told him that I did not need that to be 
connected to higher forms, or to survive. I asked him to respect my point of view and 
not to force me into his terrible world. I never had a problem with this friend. 
He always kept me away from his problems and respected my way of life.

Another friend was a businessman and we did a lot together. At some stage, he also
started to take drugs. But he respected me and never involved me in the problems of
his addiction.  He eventually got over his addiction and became a big business man 
in Greece.

I was very young when I found out that I could draw. After practicing for a while,
I started to draw people. I started with a drawing of "the Night Watch" when I got sick.
I did not know what was happening; all these people in the painting were telling me 
their life stories. I was so confused about what was going on with me. A few months
later, I made a drawing of my grandmother and while I was doing it, she told me she 
would die that same week. I asked my father if grandma was sick or something like 
that. "No she is fine," my father told me. A few days later, she passed away. 
From that day on, I knew that people would tell me their life story when I make a 
drawing of them.

By drawing myself, I saw my entire life and that was a big mistake of mine. I learned 
from that day on, to keep distant from these messages. So now, when I draw people 
and I do not need any information, I just keep myself closed.

At the time when I was making these kinds of drawings, a social worker came to see 
me. She worked with people who had many problems. She had just bought several 
drawings from me and I asked her why so many. She told me that my drawings 
helped her clients to get over their problems, because after looking at my drawings, 
these people could tell what was wrong with them. Through my drawings, I help 
people to get back to life.

After this period, the system managed to get me down more and more. I thought there 
was no way out and I fell into this vicious circle of the system, earning money and 
making a career. I started an advertising agency, because it could make me rich. 
Indeed, I did get rich sitting in front of 5 computers day after day, from 7 a.m. 
till 11 p.m.! After 12 years of working like that, my health had become so bad, that I
only lived on pills and doctors told me to give up my agency. One doctor eventually
told me: "I will have to put you in my clinic for a long time!" How could I stop that 
agency? My clients, my work, what would become of those? Thousands of questions 
and nightmares, because from that day on, there would no longer be a big pile of 
money! That same week, two things happened. My tax adviser told me that I made
a lot of money, but I spent too much and so the treasury would keep watching me. 
The second and most important thing was a small story I came across:
     A man named Fred was sitting under a coconut tree on the beach. 
     A man called Ben came by and asked Fred why he was not working.
     "Simple, I have everything", answered Fred.
     Ben: "I see you just sitting on a beach doing nothing and you have nothing!
     Why don't you go sell your coconuts?"
     "Why should I do that?" asked Fred.
     "So you can make money and start a factory," answered Ben.
     "And then what," said Fred.
     "When you have your factory, people will work for you, you make a lot of money, 
      you can buy cars, a big house and even a boat," answered Ben.
     "And then what?"
     "When you get that far, you can sail to an island and sit on the beach enjoying life".
     Fred asked Ben: "And what does it look like I am doing right now, 
     here on this beach?"

This story was the turning point in my life. I took my files, I went to my clients and told 
them to find another agency after 12 years of my service. From that day on, I have felt 
reborn. My life took a dramatic turn and I came back to the life that I led as a small 
boy in the woods.

I started to draw again, but I also made sculptures. Over the years, I had almost 
forgotten all that I had learned during my first seven years in nature. Now I am back 
again, surrounded by nature and all its beauty. I know how to use the strength that I 
have learned to handle these years. There was something I could not explain then, 
about the power that always helped me. The power that made me lift 300 kilo of 
concrete of the statue I made. One Sunday, I wanted to start a big statue, but the 
concrete was on the floor and I needed to have it on a table. A voice told me that it 
was possible but I had to do it that very moment. I did and that Sunday, I lifted 
300 kilos, put them on a table so that I could start my new statue.

A year later, I did the same on the hill in our backyard, I lifted a piece of concrete and 
put it back where it belonged. The same voice had told me: "Now's the time to do it" 
and I put the concrete in its place.

During the period when I was not connected with nature, strange things kept 
happening. I did not notice and did not ask for explanations, because for me, 
money was the most important thing. But my strength never let me down.

I once built a house single-handedly. When I started, I weighed 110 kilos, but by the 
time I was finished - a year later - my weight had dropped to 62 kilos!

Some years after that, I built a swimming pool. I dug a hole of 11 x 6 x 2 meters by 
hand in the rocky ground here on Curacao! Three months after I started, the pool
was ready and we enjoyed swimming in my handmade pool for many years. I did all 
this without knowing that I was playing with the energy by using my body. With all that 
work, my body kept going and the strength of the Universal power was with me.

One day, I was driving fast on our highway. My top speed on this island was around 
110 km an hour. This time I was also driving so fast, but I had to make a turn. 
The brakes of my car did not work and I was approaching the turn quickly. A turn to the
left with cars on the right side of me and two other ones coming straight towards me
on the other side of the road. I was able to make that turn precisely between 4 cars, 
without having an accident! My brakes worked normally after that turn and relieved,
I returned home. Again, it was not my time and I had the same feeling as in the case 
of the plane accident.

More and more, I started to see what was happening. It is the way you see life and the 
way you live with the power and nature.

I have written about a number of things that I have experienced and now 
- after 50 years - I am starting to see the big picture of my life.

Let me give you another example of something that happened 30 years ago. I saw my
neighbour working on the roof of his house. I am afraid of heights myself and never go 
up a ladder that has more than three steps. He was standing there all alone, so I 
offered to help him. Before I knew what was happening, I stood on his roof, 10 meters 
off the ground, helping him build his son's new room. I was not afraid at all that moment,
even though I was 10 meters high!

Another example was when we were working in our garden. My father and I were trying
to get a steel post weighing more than 150 kilos out of the ground. After a while, the 
post was still standing there and it looked as if we would never get it out. My father 
went inside and I was down on my knees trying to get out some more sand from 
around it. In a flash, the post fell over, only 10 centimetres away from me. Again, 
it was not my time!

For 7 years, I played handball, being a goalkeeper. Everything went great and I 
became so good that I was asked to join a better team. One day, I was invited to
join a training session with one of the national teams. I stood in the goal with 20 
people in front of me. The coach loudly asked me: "How many balls from this 
national team will you allow in your goal?" I answered: 2. He laughed and made a 
fool of me telling the players; "He said he will hold 18 of the 20 balls out of his goal!"
Everybody laughed and the first shot was fired. Guess what, I stopped 18 balls, and 
only two balls got in!
Not so long ago, I was sitting on a rock in our garden. I tried to get up, but I could not 
feel my legs and I fell back down on the rock. It was a nerve in my back, between two 
dorsal vertebras. It had happened before and in those cases I had to lie down for a 
week. No problem, because it always disappeared again. Still sitting there on that 
rock with nobody at home, I thought, "This must be over now" and I asked the 
Universal power for help. The same minute, I got a sign to stand up and walk. And I 
stood up and walked again, being able to do all the work that I wanted to do that day.

At this time, I was focussing more and more on my health. When I was badly ill, I used 
to take many pills to keep myself on my feet. My migraine was terrible, the pain 
throughout my body would get me down completely and my sinuses felt as if they 
were permanently blocked. All day long, I had headaches and sinus problems. 
When I asked the Universal power for health, something strange happened. I threw all 
my pills away and from that day on, I have not taken any pills or other medicines! 
The sinus problems never returned and my migraine has gone forever. Every day, 
I talk to the energy; it makes me stronger, even the flu that I normally had every 2 weeks, 
has disappeared! This energy, this Universal power, which is around us and in us, 
can take all sickness away. My doctor does not see me anymore and he cannot 
believe what has happened to me.

One last thing: We once had visitors and I was making sandwiches. While I was 
cutting the bread, the knife cut deep into my little finger. I got a tissue and sat down
in another room. Holding my finger, I asked the Universal power to help me. 
The bleeding stopped and 3 days later, the finger had recovered. The cut was gone 
and everything was normal again.

All these things happened in my life. I direct myself, I survive and do not believe in the 
end of life right now. Many things have happened in my life and many of them are
beyond imagination, unexplainable. But there is an explanation and this is the power 
of the Universe, you and nature! After I left the woods from the first years of my life,
I thought that I knew enough about life, but after I got connected with people, life took 
a different turn. My knowledge faded away and the system got its hold over me more 
and more. Even then, the Universal power never left me. It was always there, even in
the most difficult times. Once I sat by the swimming pool looking at the stars. 
Suddenly I realized, "strange, everything I dreamed of has come true! I had my big 
home, several cars, a boat, a swimming pool, apartments and so on. All my wishes 
have come true". From that moment, my life took a terrible turn. There were no more 
wishes and I thought that this was it, this was life. Within a few years, everything 
turned upside down, I lost my wife through illness and my children left me. I lost my 
home, my boat, my cars and people who worked for me, left. I had no goal to 
accomplish, so I became sicker and sicker. I thought the Universal power was gone. 
Then one day, I had a wish again, a wish I had forgotten about for a long time and 
I had never asked for. I wanted my health back! From that day on, everything took a 
positive turn. How stupid had it been of me to forget the most important wish in life
"Being healthy". I had forgotten that material things are not important at all if you are 
sick. With all the money you earn, you cannot buy health. Strangely enough, many 
people do not know that good health comes for free! Without my agency, my cars, 
my big house, my pool, et cetera, I still have enough money to live on and I now have 
a much better life than when I had all those things around me. This one wish is the 
most important one in life.

That night - when I sat by the pool without having a wish or a goal - was the turning 
point in my life of wealth. A life full of problems, but still with the help of my inner 
power. After that day, my inner power left me and I became sick. Now I work every 
day to keep healthy and to teach others how to live this way. For me, this is the 
biggest goal I ever want to accomplish. It is very important to have a wish, 
something to work for. Not winning the lottery, because that is not important in life,
but something that enables you to grow and that shows you the way to the 
Universal power in yourself. A wish that I will accomplish in my life, helping people
and showing them the way. So many people live in a way that leads them to a 
dead end. Only a few of the billions of people who live on this earth know this way, 
some of them make a lot of money by turning it into a big show. I do not want money, 
I want to help you and the gift I get from you is when you live a better life.

I keep writing, because I believe some day you will read this, so it will also change
your life. Then you will see true life, the life from inside you. There are people on this 
earth who have never had health problems and they have come so far in life that we 
cannot even imagine. I do not claim to be one of them. I do not even want to be one 
of them, because they can no longer help us. They do not live for us on this earth, 
but for themselves in another Universe.

I am learning every second of my life and will do so until my last breath. However, 
before that happens, I will work for you and the power. People have to leave the 
system of digits, called the matrix. They must get their lives back and work with the 
Universal power, helping others.

Universal power is priceless; it cannot be paid in money. My reward will be when 
you learn and see that new life too!

(Chapter 25) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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