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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 24 -

Do not fight the system!

When you read this, you will think "Anyone but him". He wrote so many chapters 
against the system and now this title. It shows that you have read my writings. 
I write to let you know what the system is doing to you. The system wants to be a 
master of your life and body.

You may try to fight it and hope that the system will let you stay in your own world. 
Instead, the system figures out exactly what your weaknesses are. Negative energy 
gives the system the power to play with you. It knows how to enter your life and use 
your negative energy.

In an earlier chapter, I wrote about emotions. Showing emotions by opening up 
yourself when you are angry, or being negative in the presence of others. 
This also opens a gate for your enemies. At this stage, other people or the system 
collect enough information about you to manipulate you, to work against you. 
Why would they want to do that? Simple: fighting all this negative energy keeps 
your mind and body away from the real world and away from what you came here for. 
You have so much work to do by constantly fighting that there is no time left to work 
on yourself and the Universal world. When you keep thinking positively and keep 
your mind clear, the system and its negative servants cannot touch you, because 
they cannot deal with positivism. There is no way in and hence they cannot control you.

Fighting is the same as showing emotions. What you can do is to write things down 
with a closed mind, without emotions. What happens then is that the system does not 
know how to respond. If you keep your mind clear and your soul open, the system 
cannot touch you.

The system was created thousands of years ago. But today, it losing more and more 
control. The system is taking a step backwards every day, because more and more 
people see what the system really does to human beings. It claims to be able to 
handle all the world's problems, but that is impossible. At the same time, the system 
does not want to learn what Universal power is. It uses computers and digits to 
calculate everything, but as I said before, nature cannot be calculated! Nature is the 
Universe, just like we are people and we are not made of digits, but by the power of 
the Universe. This is the reason why the system is losing every day. It cannot control 
all that Universal power any longer and cannot see the messages. As I said before, 
I have never fought a physical fight. I do not need to, as there are better ways to get 
things done. Fighting never solves a problem, it only allows your enemies to see your 
weakness. This is why no war ever ends. It is not easy to walk away from a conflict 
and do nothing, but if you succeed, it completely disorientates your opponent.

The system will fall and die soon; that is not the problem. The problem is that when the 
system falls, it will take innocent people with it.

     - Look around you, write down what you see and why you think it is going wrong. 
     - Try to open people's eyes, so that they will not follow blindly what the system tells 
       them to do and go down with it. 
     - Do not get involved in this negative world. 
     - By writing it down, you will see how you usually handle problems in a negative way.

Can you see the big picture?

Almost everything you do is negative. This is why you are still here to learn.

Let us approach the world's problems with positive answers and throw away 99 % of 
your books. In the end, maybe you have only one piece of paper left. By seeing 
everything in a positive way, you will see that the 1 % left is not a major problem at 
all, but one that is easy to solve.

Positivism is the most powerful weapon we have. But it is wrong to talk about 
weapons, because we longer need them.

When you see everything positively, there is no longer a system. Keep that in mind.

(Chapter 24)   




"Being human is helping each other"


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