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"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 23 -

My second angel

Talking about angels is strange for me. It is strange, because there are so many other 
things than angels. There are many unexplained things and many people are ready to 
give all credits to their guardian angel, but what they don't realize is that they did it 
themselves. What I am writing in this chapter is an exceptional drawing I made of a 
young girl, who died in a motorcycle accident.

A while ago, a father told me about his daughter who died in a motorcycle accident. 
He made contact with her later and she told him: "Everything is okay now, dad". 
After that story, I asked him to bring me a photograph, because there was something
I wanted to know. During the last years of her life, she had talked about a light she saw.

A few weeks later, I started making the drawing of her. After the first few lines, nothing 
happened and I thought it was me, that I was not ready for it. A few days later, I started 
with her eyes and what happened was strange. Normally, by then, I have connected 
with the person and seen his or her past life and what lies ahead. This time there was 
nothing there, only the message: "She has already left this body". I asked the father 
when the picture was taken and it turned out to be a photograph from 3 years before 
the accident. This was strange, because there was nobody behind these eyes. I kept 
drawing and bit by bit, information came through. Information that I never believed 
possible. When the drawing was finished, I created a background in blue, with a lot of 
light around it and then I understood.

What had happened to this girl made me cry and everything about her life became 
clear. I had never experienced this before, and it was a remarkable story that I shall 
never forget.

This girl knew from the beginning that her life would be short. She was not sick, on the 
contrary, she was extremely healthy. She had one thing to do on earth: Help a man by 
bringing him back to the total Universe. She was the one who offered her life to bring 
him back. She came on earth beautiful and full of energy. In her young life, she met
that person and she helped him. Until the day he left this world, she was there for him. 
She was just a teenager, full of life but she had completed her mission. The problem 
arose when she did not want to go back to the Universe and started to work for many 
organizations to show that she was still needed on earth. Her mission was over, 
however, and the light started to follow her more and more, to get her back in the 
Universe. The light frightened her and one day when she rode on the back of a 
motorcycle, the light followed her and came closer. The rider saw the light too in his 
mirror. She fell off the motorcycle, knocked her head (with a helmet on) on the curb 
and the motorcycle rider saw the light leaving for the Universe.

She was the second angel I made a drawing of, but this one was special, due to the 
strange experience of seeing no life in her eyes and the information that I received 
later being so intense that I now know for sure she was an angel on earth.

A short earth life but intense and full of energy. She was here, as for a drawing, 
my second angel.

(Chapter 23)   




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