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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 22 -

Our food

We all know and agree on one thing, which is that "we need food". Strangely enough, 
this is one of the few things we all agree on, but it's even stranger that we do not know 
for sure whether it is true. There are people who believe we can live on light, others on 
air and others need all the meat from their menu.

Life in the 21st century is like a prolonged stay in a fast-food restaurant! Every corner 
of the street has its cafeteria or restaurant. The main thing our supermarkets do, is 
keep us supplied with food, so that we can continue eating. With all that food around 
us, we should be healthy. And only people who do not have enough food, should be 
starving. Reality is different. Look around you and see how many of us look like 
balloons! Others are constantly on a diet, some being so thin that they might be 
blown away by a blast of wind. But are they healthy? Not really; they all share the 
same problem. They are eating poisoned food!
All the food they eat is poisoned! When I see a "perfect" red tomato, or an apple 
without any spot on it, or a colorful dish, I see only one thing: a collection of poisoned 
food. People only see the outside and fail to see what is inside. All these nice perfect
colors and perfect looking dishes are there to entice you to eat the poison. Products 
have been sprayed with all kinds of chemicals to make them look perfect. They are
full of fertilizers because they have to grow fast. Nature farms are a new way to sell 
you food, but all you get is manipulated food. Then there are all those ready-made
meals, which use microwave poison! It's artificial rather than real food. It is amazing 
to see what companies do to sell their products. There is no natural taste, vitamins or 
minerals. This need not be a problem, though, because we can buy these vitamins 
and minerals in a bottle at our drugstore. They are said to be healthy and our body 
needs them all, from A to Z.

It is like living in a movie, where nothing is real. People believe what companies tell
them and the only ones who stay healthy, are those who know what is in these
products and dishes. The vast majority of people are sick because they eat poisoned 
food. Indeed, not sick because of a virus or some terrible illness, but because this 
kind of food breaks down their bodies. What has become more important than 
anything else is that the food looks good. It does not matter if it's poisoned. Just like 
someone who looks "so young" after numerous facelifts, that nice looking, perfectly 
colored, spotless apple is not so great inside!

We can do ourselves a great favor by eating fresh food. It will help our health a lot. 
Avoid fast-food and microwave stuff. Do not look for that perfect apple every time. 
Beneath its shiny appearance there is very little that is of any value.

Why should we eat all this poisoned food? The answer is simple: because we all act 
like sheep. We eat exactly what TV, radio and the supermarkets tell us is good for us. 
Believe all the advertisements and you end up thinking that if you don't eat what is 
advertised, you will get sick. But there is more wrong with our attitude to food. Look
at the wastage. People buying a meal for the free toy that comes with it in a fast-food 
restaurant. The food is not bought because one is hungry, but because of the toy! 
Drinks are no better: Coke, Pepsi, sport's drinks, even milk is poisoned! And with 
every glass, we add more poison to our bodies. We give our children this poison too,
just because their friends drink it. If you come to my house and I give you a bottle of 
recognizable poison, you would go straight to the police and report me, but if I give 
you a glass of Coke, you drink it and want more! The world is rotten and so is all the 
food you eat. The vicious circle is unbelievably effective: we eat poisoned food 
because the system tells us it is good for us. The same system also tells us to do
something about our health! The system spends billions on advertising to promote
poisoned food. Later, the system spends billions on health care. The same system
that tells us to eat poison! Who is the big winner? Indeed, the system earns billions 
both on food and on medicines.

All the meat we eat is poisoned too. Cows and chickens never see nature. 
They have to grow as fast as possible, to get ready for slaughterhouse: it's a big 
money-making scheme for the system. The meat we eat today no longer has any 
connection with nature or with the Universe. And we don't need the amounts of meat 
that we eat. The advertisements of cowboys eating large steaks merely suggest a 
healthy life, but the only purpose is to make you buy meat.

To get healthy, there are some simple but important rules. Stop eating fast food, 
drinking sport drinks, alcohol, Coke and other chemical drinks. Stop looking for that 
perfect apple, fruit or vegetable, the nicer it looks the more poisoned it is. Forget 
chicken meat, beef meat and pork. If you really want to eat meat, a small piece is 

The new gym generation, people who live what they consider healthy lives while 
eating poisoned vegetables, drinking water from the faucet or from a bottle of sports 
drink. They are thin, because that conforms with the general concept of healthiness. 
But these people are like sheep, listening to everything TV tells them!

Listen to your body, it tells you what it needs and what is good for it. Look for fresh 
fish, fresh fruit and healthy water from a spring. You may think that this is impossible, 
but that is because your system does not want to feed you that way. If you do, it would 
lose billions!

It is YOU who decides to live healthy, eat healthy and be healthy!

(Chapter 22)   




"Being human is helping each other"


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