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Chapter - 21 -

What happens in a drawing?

Before I start a drawing, I have already created the picture in my mind. The entire 
drawing is finished by the time I start. All that is left for me to do, is to put it on paper! 
When I start to draw, I work from my heart and soul. Because the drawing has already 
been created in my mind, I can give it the extra touch it needs in order to become a 
"drawing that is alive". There is a great deal going on inside me when I sit at my table. 
After every session, I'm completely drained, tired and empty. When I am finished, 
the message in the drawing is unique and it will be there forever. For me, a 
drawing is a representation of my heart and soul. Some of these drawings may 
seem very realistic and look like "nice pictures". If one draws in a more profound 
way, one feels more.
Composition and colors are important and so is the way the elements are placed. 
All these aspects together may be part of a healing process for someone who looks 
at it.

Some examples of what colors do: On a dark, rainy day, everything is gray, a picture 
on the wall, depicting a war scene, or many dark parts, will do no good to your inner 
self. A picture of a beach scene, or one with happy bright colors, however, will. 
Such drawings tell you a complete story in the way they are made and how the artist
has tried to put a message into his drawings. A simple poster always looks cold. It is 
a copy of a "perfect looking picture" and it never contains the Universal energy. 
Because there is no heart in the poster, no soul, it is only a piece of paper printed with 
the brightest colors available. However, it's not only the colors, which are important, 
there is more.

Each of my drawings has its own heart and soul. A drawing need not always come from 
the inside of the creator. Many who call themselves "artists", do so because they think 
they create. This is the point: You can feel it when a real artist is working, or when 
someone is merely applying charcoal or paint to paper or canvas.

Real artists work, feel and express themselves, and their work looks like a piece 
coming straight from the heart and soul. The work is not merely a series of drawings 
made for money! Let your heart and soul guide you and put that on paper or canvas. 
This is what makes you a real artist!

(Chapter 21)  




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