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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 20 -


'Perfection' is a powerful word and one of the most terrible ones in our vocabulary. 
What do we understand by perfection? We all want to think that we do things perfectly, 
that we are perfect and that the world is perfect. This is not true. It is only an illusion. 
There is no perfection! Indeed, perfection is an illusion that we get from people 
around us. In this world of the matrix, we hear the word perfection constantly. 
Our technology is perfect and we have the most perfect computers. Since we 
have been living in the matrix of perfection, we have been in a state of constant 
decay and allowed ourselves to fall into slavery. We are nothing more than slaves 
of technology and of the system in this matrix. Our Universe is almost perfect and 
so is life around us, but even this is nearly perfect, not entirely perfect. 
Every second, the world and the Universe around us keep learning and this has 
been so for millions of years. They are learning, because they want to learn and 
they are open to it. If you are learning, you are not perfect yet, because if you
were perfect nothing would need to be changed. Working in the way of the matrix 
and the world of imagination is working in a world of numbers and, therefore, a total 
waste of time. Nothing lasts forever and especially this world of numbers is doomed. 
In spite of all these numbers and billions of people, we are unable to solve wars, 
pollution, sickness and killing. It becomes harder by the day to accomplish this, to 
return to a world of understanding. Ultimately, we will not survive this way of living and 
the Universe will restore earth in its natural proportions. If we humans do not want to 
learn, the Universe will take the right to interfere in this world of numbers, our so-called 
"perfect world". If we keep destroying earth and ourselves, we forego the right to live 
and all those endless, everlasting tasks will be like a sore in the total Universal energy, 
which needs to be removed.

Our selfish way of thinking that we are working in perfection is only a blinder. Do not 
believe in perfection as long as you see earth crying and rotting. As long as this is 
happening around us, we know there is no perfection!

(Chapter 20) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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