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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 2 -

Being the master of your own body

In a world full of people who know exactly how you should live your life, there is hardly 
anybody who will tell you what you can do for your own body. Everything is possible, 
if you are willing to listen to what your heart and soul are telling you to do through 
your body. All pain and all symptoms are impulses from your body that tell you to stop 
what you are doing. Sickness is a sign saying 'STOP!', 'Don't let me do that again', 
or something similar. The body is part of the Universe and everybody is a unique 
Universe in itself. But we feed it the wrong way and we do things with it that are not 
right for this unique Universe. Stress - the largest demon in your body - is capable 
of making us very sick, even to the point that we may die of it. Stress is a sign: 
Your body is saying 'It's not my job, don't let me do that!' Your body, as I told you, 
is a Universe in itself and is on earth to do the things it has to do for the larger Universe 
as a whole. If we do not comply with its needs, the body will die and your spirit and soul
need to come back in another body to do the job over again. Because we need to 
finish what the Universe expects us to accomplish. The Universe needs your body to 
fulfill its task to the end. This is why so many things are not going as they should today. 
Out of the 6 billion people on earth, perhaps only 100,000 listen to their hearth and soul. 
The rest just comes back and back all the time, always getting involved in the negative 
way of living here on earth. Only a few accomplish their task and proceed to eternal life.

I told you just now what we do wrong:
     - We do not listen to our body, but do what our mind tells us.
     - We do not listen to our soul and our heart.
     - We do not listen to our feelings at all.
What we do, is listening to the system! A system made by people whose sole aim in 
life is to be rich and powerful. They give us the idea that everyone should strive to gain 
power over others. A human life is not important and people no longer listen to what is 
important. They only concentrate on how to get power over others. When we get to that 
stage, we have completely forgotten the internal power of our heart and soul. We have
the power to heal ourselves, the power to do things we never thought possible and the
power to live our lives independently, without any system or powerful person above us. 
But it is difficult to see everything in a new light, because our mind is programmed in 
such a way by this system that everything outside it looks like a mission impossible. 
We think we need the system, but in reality, THE SYSTEM NEEDS US!
As long as we continue this destructive way of living and as long as we let the system 
have control over us, we will never finish our task here on earth. The system's aim is to
control everything.

Let us briefly look at what this system consists of:
     - The system includes all political power, states and politicians. 
     - The system includes all churches that try to convince us to believe in a God, 
        Buddha, Allah, Krishna, et cetera, or what they have made of it. Churches and 
        politicians do the same: take control over people! 
     - The system includes the people around us who tell us what to do! 
     - The system is how you think you have to live and what you see on the internet,
       in books or on TV. This is the system you live in right now. You believe it, you
       try to use it and you follow its commands. But it makes your body sick. More and 
       more people die young because of stress, unhealthy food and drugs.

To change this, you must first listen to what your body tells you.

Do not think that this is impossible, because everything is possible! Your heart and 
soul will help you find the way that is right for you. Materialism is futile. We don't need 
powerful people to rule us. The power of the Universe is all we need to believe in. 
If that is truly what you want, it does not even matter if you lose your job, your home or 
your wealth. You will find another job, a better one, and a better place to sleep. 
The important thing is that you follow your heart and soul. There will always be food
for you. There will always be a place to sleep. You will be healthy forever and you will
find a way to be one of the few who finish their jobs here on earth.

Do what your body tells you to do, listen to the signs it gives you. You will be amazed 
how beautiful life can be and how it feels to be healthy again.

This chapter is not fiction, but a true story. I can distinguish between these two worlds 
and I listen to what my body tells me to do.
Will you be the next one?

Definition of the terms 'soul' and 'spirit'.

At this stage, it's probably useful to explain what I mean by these two terms.
So not the dictionary definitions, but how I see and feel these two words.

Our soul is the connection between the 'Core', which is the total energy field in our 
universal life, and the human body's spirit. The soul works with the Core's energy 
and sends this to the spirit of the human body. 
Receiving this energy from the soul, the spirit takes what it thinks it needs and turns
it over to the human body, in order to control this body. 
The spirit is capable of translating the powerful energy from the soul into a useable 
medium (energy) for the body.
The spirit gives you the energy you need to do that special job.
Soul and spirit are one, but the soul has a more powerful energy field than your spirit. 
Together, they constitute the link between the 'Core' and the human body.

(Chapter 02)




"Being human is helping each other"


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