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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 19 -

Ball of light

What exactly is life?
Life is as we see it now and the way we live is important for the Universe. We are not 
here to dominate, to collect items or to kill any life forms. We are here to reach a higher 
level in life, each time we come back here on earth. In a "higher life form", time, space, 
domination or positions are not important, because these are "earthly things". We need 
to accomplish different things, being a part of that total energy of the Universe. In the 
space of our Universe, there is always one thing that stays the same, which is the light 
that is everywhere. Everything depends on light and is connected with it. However low 
the density of light may be, it is everywhere. Without light, there is no life. I wrote in a 
chapter about sunlight, what sunlight does for Mother Earth. We now go a step further 
and look at about the light of the Universe. All living creatures depend on light and each 
has its own light. All living things around us, including us, have our own light. We are 
connected with that light and hence with each other. We depend on each other, 
because we need the light to survive. Every living creature has this light; a ball of light,
which is also called our soul. The soul goes from body to body, to accomplish its task 
in the total Universe. This ball of light (i.e. the soul) stores the sum total of experiences 
of thousands of years, but we fail to make use of these experiences. Strangely enough, 
we seem to think that we do not need the power of this light, the energy of the soul.

Nothing is more important than light, for each life form. I wrote a few lines ago that it is
the connection to the total energy of the Universe. When you meditate, or talk to that 
energy of the Universe, you can feel and see the light inside you. By asking this light 
to help you, or to help you heal, the light (soul) will show you the way. It can make you 
stronger, or give you the power to do extraordinary things.

It is strange that we humans ignore the assistance of our own soul and light. We are 
afraid of its power and no longer believe in it. Perhaps it is not so strange, because 
for a long time people and their systems have manipulated our minds, so we do not 
have to think for ourselves. We also have computers that tell us what to do. 
To accomplish our life's tasks, we need to go back to the basics of life and become 
connected to our soul, our inner light, so that we can get on with real life. 
Living separately is not the way to live. In that way, you cannot accomplish the task 
that you must fulfill in one life.

We all have different tasks to accomplish, but to accomplish them we need to work 
together and we need the energy of this light. We must respect all life forms, as well 
as nature with its plants and animals, the sea and the air. If we do not respect them 
or our own human race, we cannot accomplish anything. Go back and be a part of
this light and listen to your soul again, listen to what you should do and take new 
energy from your soul. The ball of light is the key to raising your life to a higher level.

(Chapter 19)




"Being human is helping each other"


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