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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 16 -

Why we are here

As I have said in other chapters, we have a task to complete on earth. Each of us 
needs to accomplish a small part of one shared large task. What do we have to 
accomplish? We do not know, because we are not able to see the big picture of 
the complete life in our Universe. Most people think we are the only ones in this 
Universe. This is not true; there are enough people who can tell you that there are
more lives for your soul and spirit. It is true that your body is only used for one life
here on earth, but then your soul goes to another body, time and time again. 
Because many people think we are the only ones on this earth, they act like 
accordingly. They try to climb as high as possible, over other peoples' backs, 
to get the best place for themselves. If necessary, they will kill. You can see, for 
example, what leaders at the top are capable of in order to hold on to their position. 
Only to hold on to the power, the goods and the money: All of which are things that do 
not matter in real life. Everything because of their motto "we live only once".

All of this is wrong. It gives us the idea that we can do everything by ourselves. 
This is wrong too. In the chapter about Light, I wrote that we are all interconnected 
and need each other to be one with the Universal energy. We all have to accomplish a 
small piece of the complete life of our Universe.

Everything we do is for the Universal energy. We are like cells in a human body, each 
of which has its task to complete. It is selfish and foolish not to listen to the power. 
It also degenerates us, making us sicker until eventually we die without having 
accomplished our tasks. As if our human body is disposing of a dead cell when it
cannot use it anymore. Our life is a cell that has to accomplish one or more tasks, 
allowing our soul to grow and go to a higher life form in the total life of the Universe.

This task that is meant for us, should be done in the place where we were born and 
live; the place is chosen for you and this is where you have to fulfill your task. Working 
with the energy you have, the energy of your soul and the Universe. Not everyone is 
born in a monastery, high in the mountains of Nepal. We have to do it here and others 
have to accomplish theirs in such a monastery. I know it is difficult when we are in a life
full of money and selfish people to get connected and to stay connected with the 
Universe. But it can be done if you listen to what your soul is telling you to do. It knows
the way and it can show you the path you have to go. Going to other places or going to 
one of those monasteries is not what we should do. When we come back, we still do 
not know how to handle this knowledge in modern life. All you need for this human life 
can be found near you, around you.

Maybe one of the most important missions now is to get people back on track and 
connected to the energy. If this fails, we are lost for all times and we humans will die 
forever. If you transfer the knowledge to others, you are not allowed to ask for money, 
and we don't need money for that! The energy and our soul will lead us, so we keep 
living and stay connected with people who understand the importance of our task. 
We have to awaken people and show them they are heading towards a dead end. 
Accept the light and believe in yourself. Before you do, be sure you are strong 
enough to get involved with the energy. You must see for yourself that modern life is 
going the wrong way and your body must become healthy and strong again. 
This way, we can help others and show them the way too. Believe in yourself, in your 
soul and the energy of the Universe.

(Chapter 16)  




"Being human is helping each other"


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by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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