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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 15 -

A world of numbers

     - The moment you are born, you get your personal number (ID).
     - You get your driver's license with a number.
     - Your passport has a number.
     - Go to the bank, and they ask for your account number. All bills are connected 
       by numbers. This continues your whole life. The whole world turns by numbers.
       Our computers work with only two digits: 0 and 1, all programs work with these
       two numbers. We talk of human life, but since when is a human life a number? 
       Even doctors get their results by looking at numbers. Numbers, numbers, 
       numbers, that is all we see or hear, wherever we are. Without a number, one 
       does not exist! Isn't that incredible? Our entire life consists of numbers and there 
       is no humanity. A number is cold and does not say anything about life or about us 
       humans. It is strange that we believe in numbers to this extent, because numbers 
       do not exist in the Universe, the Universe turns/works without numbers. We do not 
       need numbers, we are humans with our own souls and spirits. Not a single number 
       is important for us in the Universe. It is possible to travel in space, because without 
       numbers everything is possible. Numbers keep us stuck on earth.

So, do you feel where we are going? In one of the previous chapters, I told you that we 
live in a world of numbers. We are going the wrong way, as we took the wrong turn. 
The main reason is that we try to explain everything by numbers. We try to explain nature, 
human life and the Universe by numbers. Our scientists want everything placed in its own 
compartment, so everything can be explained. They work hard, day by day, to put 
everything in its place (or so they call it). But isn't it strange that even the most highly 
educated scientists come to a point where they can no longer explain? Not everything 
can be captured by numbers. At that moment, a scientist may go mad. Instead, he 
discovers that he has worked his entire life on something that was not real, but only a 
matrix. He realizes that what he did was completely wrong and has therefore come to 
a dead end. He finds out that it is not possible to capture life in numbers or formulas.

Having lived within the matrix for a long time, I discovered that this is only an imaginary 
world. A world made by people depending on numbers, is not real life! After I stepped
out of that matrix, I found the connection with the real life on earth again. I can see now 
that every cell in every creature is important and connected to the other. It is not a lonely 
cell; it is something that belongs to the Universe as a whole. With that knowledge, we 
have to accomplish something. In each life, every human being has to do that personally. 
Just like every cell has its task in life. Every cell is important and so is every human life!

I have said several times before that we have to live together, with each other. We have 
to keep our bodies as healthy as possible to accomplish our task. We also have to help 
others and be a part of the world as a whole. If we do not accomplish our task, we need 
to come back and do the same part over again. In this world of numbers, we are entirely 
on the wrong path. We see our lives as numbers, cold, empty numbers and we totally 
forget that we humans are important to each other.

In previous chapters, I told you to get healthy. Not everyone will be glad that I said that, 
because to get healthy without paying for anything, is a curse for many doctors, 
specialists and the pharmaceutical industry, which take billions of dollars from you 
every year. Sometimes we need a doctor, for example when we break an arm or a 
leg, have an accident, or in the case of acute sickness. We need doctors, because in 
the course of thousands of years we have also forgotten how to heal these afflictions. 
For the moment, we need doctors for such cases. "For the moment?", you may ask. 
Yes, until we get that power back and heal those things ourselves too. I can imagine
that you think this is impossible. But nothing is impossible, because with the Universal 
energy, everything is possible. The Universe does not accept sick people, because it 
does not know what sickness is! We can activate this, which is exactly what I am going
to show you step by step.

I have a story to tell you about myself. I was sitting on a rock in my backyard. I had to 
get up to turn off a tap and turn on another. At that moment, I couldn't feel my legs and 
my back was hurting terribly. It was an old ailment that I had had for 35 years, a nerve 
between the dorsal vertebras. Every time I got that, I had to lie down for days and take 
a lot of painkillers. At that moment, I could not get up and I was at home by myself. I 
sat there and asked the Universal energy what to do. That very minute, I got the 
message; stand up and walk! Stand up and walk with this back, without legs? 
By focusing on that Universal energy, I stood up and walked. I did everything that day 
without any pain in my back.

You do not have to believe it. I know I did something that had been impossible for me 
for 35 years. No feeling in my legs, terrible backache and nevertheless just walk away 
and do everything! I know that this power is unlimited. You can ask this energy
everything. I will continue to use this energy, I will find out more that is possible, and I will 
tell and show you later. You can find more about this in my "life stories". In our simple, 
not so simple, human body, everything is possible. A body without numbers or digits, 
a body outside this matrix, a body with an open mind and the willpower to believe. 
With that, we are capable of doing everything, and I will write as long as it is possible 
for me, to tell you what I know about that energy.

(Chapter 15) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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