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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 14 -


Three letters together in one almighty word.

Everyone in this world is somehow connected with this word. What is God? 
What does it do and what does it want?

Many people, when they think of God, see an old man with gray hair sitting, watching 
from high above, wondering: "What are they doing down there?" Why should it be a 
gray old man? Is it because this is the mark of wisdom and knowing everything? 
It  is a picture that entered our heads when we read the books, the bible or other 
religious literature. It is something that was put on paper, so we can believe in an 
almighty person. It is not only God we have here on earth, but also Buddha, Allah, 
Krishna, and all different churches, religions or movements, such as Roman Catholic, 
Protestant, Jewish, Islam, Unitarian, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist Anglican, 
Jewish, Native Muslims, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Jehovah's Witness, the 
Seventh-day Adventists, Naturists and Agnostics. All of them have a figure in whom 
they believe.

It is alright that you believe, it is important that you believe, but why think that God, 
Buddha or Krishna is a person? There is something false from the onset in all these 
Bibles and Old Holy Scriptures. All of them start from a person. This is wrong, because
God is not a person. God is Strength, a Positive energy in everything that lives in this 
cosmos. God is that fly, plant, rock, and so on. God is in every animal and human 
being! Yes, we are also God! Ouch! Now I am writing against many religions and you 
are looking at me as if I am the antichrist. That does not matter. It is time we know 
what is really happening. For thousands of years, people have tried to gain power 
over others. Every year, we fall deeper and deeper in that trap of false information 
and the interpretation of old books. Books written by people who tried to impose 
guidelines on our lives. In all these thousands of years, many groups have made their 
own stories. They left out the parts that they considered unimportant and replaced 
them in such a way that they look like evidence, proving that this religion is the right 
one for you.

It is wrong to manipulate people, why not tell the truth about what is really happening 
and going on in this world? The simple answer is that once we know the truth, we 
know that no single person is important! No church, no person and no religion is the 
true faith of God. As I told you, how could a church work if it told you to believe in 
yourself? If it did, the church would no longer be important for many people and we 
would be doing everything by ourselves. We could then think we could do it alone! 
Churches would never get rich people to God's houses if they told the truth. It is
important for them to get full Temples and Churches, because they need the money 
and the power that comes with it. As I told you before, the real God is everywhere, 
because God is the complete Universe. It is everything around you. Strangely enough, 
we do not know how to get connected to that energy, this power of God. This positive 
energy that can heal and solve problems, but also the energy that can travel thousands 
of miles and with which we can be connected without a phone or a TV. What do we 
need technology for? We do not need it at all, because all new technology is just a sign 
of weakness and more dependence on the system and its bosses. We have the 
possibility of connecting with each other over thousands of miles. If needed, we can 
travel anywhere we want, but we forgot how to do so in the past thousands of years. 
All we do, is give more and more people the possibility and the desire for money. 
We do not need money; we do not need the way the world is. We do not need the way 
people try to get power over others. What we need is to go back to the state we were 
when we came here. When we were connected to each other and listened to what the 
Universal energy (God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna) told us. We are here for a purpose, we 
have to realize what that purpose is and we can do that without technology or powerful 
people. God is us, everything around us, everything you see. This God that realizes 
everything you want to do. This God that does not force its will on you. It is a God of 
listening; it gives you the positive energy you need. The energy is incredible and so 
strong that we as humans cannot believe what we can do with it. We have to live like 
a God, we have to act like a God and we have to help each other, as a God would do. 
Do not be afraid of losing faith, because if you believe in God as an absolute power, 
you will never be alone. Go ahead and do it, if you need your own God, Buddha, Allah 
or Krishna, do not worry. It will help you not to see them as a person, but as energy.

(Chapter 14) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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