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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 13 -

What your soul and spirit can do for your body

The world in which we live, is like an "I" world; a world in which there is no humanity 
and everything centres around materialism. Nothing is more important for those who 
live in it than "I" want more money, a bigger house or even to be president. Those are 
the thoughts of many people in this world. This is what the system wants, because 
people on their own are easy to manipulate. If people stick together, manipulating them
is more difficult. Acting straight from your soul and spirit is out of order and therefore 
undesirable. So, we live and work in our "I" world, the world of materialism. It begins 
the moment when we are born. Everything has already been planned; we get our 
number and must act as a number. It is not important what you think or what you want 
to do, you must do what has been decided for you.

All this demands so much from our body that we get sick. As good citizens, we 
immediately visit a doctor and ask for advice. This is what we have to do, isn't it? 
Many doctors are not really interested in you or your illness; they see your sickness 
as an opportunity for adding more dollars to their bank accounts. Therefore, as soon 
as you stop talking, they write a prescription and you can go. "And it would be best if 
you came back for a check-up, just in case…" is their last advice on your way out. 
Trying to find other ways to heal people is not interesting for many of these doctors. 
Staying up to date and looking for new methods in health care is taboo. 
The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars a year by producing medicines
that only make you worse, so you need more of them. Medicines usually do more
damage than good. We allow this industry and its doctors and specialists to become 
so powerful, because we believe in them. We keep getting more pills to take. 
Reading the prescription makes you sicker. And the insurance companies keep having 
to pay large sums of money for those medicines. It's a vicious circle, impossible to get 
out of.

Impossible? No! Not true! It is possible. If you want to do it, you can. We can leave the
system in which we live and no longer accept everything it tells us to do. From now on, 
we listen only to what comes from inside ourselves, to the feelings and the signs that 
come straight from our body, where the two most important things are: Our soul and
our spirit. With these two, we are able to do everything we need and heal ourselves. 
Our body cannot be sick, because the energy of the Universe does not know sickness. 
Earthly life makes us sick. Our soul and spirit are higher than earthly life and capable
of taking all sickness out of our body.

Listen to the people around you: 9 out of 10 people will tell you every day how sick they 
are. They tell you the most gruesome stories. One would get sick just by listening to their 
stories! Do not talk about your sickness; it is not a sickness, look at it as an signal from 
your body, which you do not have to accept. You are not sick; it is just your body! I will 
now tell you step by step what to do. How to heal your body. You should do this at least 
twice, for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

     - Visualize the image that your heart indicates. 
     - Place your feet on the ground, slightly apart.
     - Place your hands on your thighs, open, with the palms upwards.
    - Sit upright, do not hang or lean backwards or forwards.
    - It is also possible to do this standing.
    - Take a deep breath and count to three. 
    - Exhale by counting to ten/fifteen (whatever is possible for you)
    - Do this ten times.

We continue.
Now you ask the Universal energy to clean your body.
    - Ask it to take all negative energy out of your body and fill it with positive energy.
    - Then you go through your whole body with your mind, from toe to head.
    - Think that everything is now filled with positive energy.
    - Ask the Universal energy to help you by taking from you all negative energy that we 
      have so far called pain and that from now on we will call "indications".
    - If your "indications" (pain) are too hard to manage, ask the Universal energy to 
      make it milder.

You ask: "Please take over the 'indication' in my head and make it milder"
DO NOT ASK: "take over my headache", because then you are talking again about 
your illness! As I told you before: FROM NOW ON, ALL PAINS ARE INDICATIONS.

If you ask the Universal energy to help you with "indications", you will see that in a short 
while the indication is gone, or so far gone that you can do your work again.

As I said before, you need to do this at least twice a day. You can do it whenever
you need.

If you keep connected to the Universal energy, you will notice that your body feels fine. 
Your body looks like it was when born. You get more and more strength and you are 
able to do things you didn't believe you could. It is as if you are coming back to a new 
body, with new changes and a new life. The energy that we ask to help us - which I call 
Universal energy - is our own energy. It is the energy we have inside of us, coming 
directly from our soul and spirit. 

Going further, you can ask the Universal energy for more help. If you want to do 
something or if you have a wish, you pleadingly ask the Universal energy, and you will 
see that your wish will come true. It is a matter of believing, believing in that energy, 
but above all, believing in yourself, your soul and spirit. If you come so far that you can 
believe there are no limitations, everything will be done by you; yes, by you.

The "I" world is the reason why we no longer know about the energy of the Universe, 
the energy to believe in ourselves. The energy is in everybody on this earth, it is how
we live and how we think. It is not only important to think about yourself, but also about 
the world around you. 

(Chapter 13) 




"Being human is helping each other"


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