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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 116 -

In this book, you have been able to read hundred of pages, which were written 
because I believe we should help each other. In the beginning of this book, I wrote 
about the importance of the information that we have forgotten. We no longer know 
now how to work with the positive power of energy. 
With the help of this energy, the right words came to me and with that, all the chapters 
of this book. It is the same energy that can change your life. We all had this 
information when we came to this earth, but we forgot it as soon as we started to 
participate in this human life here on earth. Why did we forget it? Simple: we are 
always looking at what others have and what they do better. We forgot how to live our 
lives when we came here on earth. All this input from outside is having a great effect 
on our lives and we receive all these negative influences. There are lessons to learn. 
How far are you prepared to go? How much more are you willing to hurt others? 
What is your limit in participating in this society and how far are you willing to drop 
in life? How can you get over these difficult and sometimes hopeless situations? 
Are you willing to get out that black hole and start a life that will take you higher in the 
world of the Universe? All these questions I have answered in this book and you will 
have noticed that you already knew the answers. They were answers and a way of life 
that you had forgotten. In the system in which we live, there is scarcely place for a pure 
life and for people who are there for others. We believe we cannot change the system 
and this rotten society. But we are not lost in this world, because one person, one life, 
can change the world. We can see that in persons such as Jesus, Buddha, 
mother Theresa, but also Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Or that person who 
helped you when you were in trouble. We all can make a difference, we all can make 
the world a better one and we all can change things. However, the most important 
thing is that you have to believe, believe in yourself and the God who is in you. 
There is no point in believing in a God above you or in other human beings. Instead, 
believe and have faith in the power that YOU have! As you start to believe, you can 
change things positively. It will be the beginning of a world in which people respect 
each other and help each other. In this way, we will get a world full of health, pleasure 
in life and strength to overcome all problems we may meet, on the path we have to go. 
Don't believe that others will do it for you. Believe only in the power of yourself, the 
power of positive energy.

You don't need fancy machines, churches or to live in a monastery to find out what 
real life is. Neither do you need a large sum of money to get the answers. Because 
all the answers are inside you and you already know them. Take steps, open your 
heart and your soul and ask them to help you in your new life, in a positive world of 

Look around you. For decades we have thought that we can live by ourselves, doing 
it our way, but this has resulted in major disasters, weather changes, and more wars. 
The world is so polluted that, if continue in this way, it will no longer be a place for us! 
We do not respect nature, mother earth and all living creatures. We bring everything 
down, just to make our world, and what do we get? We get a world that is based on 
violence and "ego culture". We must wake up and see that this is not having a positive 
effect. It is important to respect all life forms again. 

What I want to tell you is that we must work together for a better world. All souls and 
all energy are needed to change the way the world is going at this moment. A lot is 
being written about the negative way the world is going. As you can see also in this 
book, there are many negative developments. I hope we will manage to combine all 
positive energy, to succeed in changing the path of the world. Every soul is important 
and so is yours!  Our earth is changing and we should work together to restore that 
beautiful world. The one that was there before. It is not as difficult as it may look. 
All you need to do is to believe and act the way the Universe indicates. The Universe, 
which knows how everything should be. With it, we will return and be part again of the 
positive energy field. Then we will have a world in which everything is possible. 
A world without restrictions, war, domination or egos that brought us to the edge 
of life. The signs are everywhere. Just open any history book or read the latest 
newspaper, and you see how the world is turning sick. It is you who can change that 
and you who can make a difference. 

I hope this book will help you to make that first step. I wish everybody the best of luck, 
faith and strength. I know that you will be healthier and get a new life you never thought 
possible. Believe in yourself and in the power of positive energy. In my view, the best 
thing is to read this book several times. At least the chapters that are the most 
important ones for you. The chapters contain events from everyday life and each 
chapter has its own message. It should be clear that this book is not a bible. Nor is it 
a book that I want to enforce on you, but a book in which you can find a path to a
better life. A life full of energy called the World of positive Energy.

I want to thank you all.
Updates or new parts will be posted on this website

Information is free, your life is free and the power of energy is free.

(Chapter 116)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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