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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 115 -

After you have read this book, I want to make a statement, to say why I am doing this
and what I believe we can do with our lives. 

Most of the things I wrote about, are personal experiences. I believe in my way of living, 
in the positive energy and in self-healing. My personal experiences are what I want to 
write about. In my life as an artist, I have found out that there is more than we can learn 
at school. Through my art, I have found a way to connect with other worlds. 
When I draw a person, I connect with his or her personal world. When I make drawings 
of people, a lot of information is released, which enables me to see their past, but also 
their future. In my own life, a lot has happened. It is not always easy to find a balance 
between the material and the Universal world. I have made many decisions and some 
were totally wrong because I listened to my brain. At last there came a time when 
I started making my decisions only from my heart and my soul. Some of these were 
very strange to me, because my brain told me that they were illogical. Nevertheless, 
I made those decisions and they brought me onto a path and the most beautiful road 
I could have taken in life. Things happened that one could only dream of. So my life 
started to change course, leading me to the world of this Universe more and more 
every day. My world is now a completely different way of life. I also changed to a 
completely different way of thinking. To be honest, there is no thinking, because 
everything comes from my heart and soul. Going down that path, doors opened and 
things happened that I would have thought impossible. My physical condition, for 
example, changed completely and when something goes wrong with my health, I can
fix it with the energy that I get directly from the Universe. This is because the Universe 
does not have sicknesses. By allowing your negative (sick) energy to go there, it returns 
as healthy positive energy that gives your body all the strength it needs. It is even so that 
if you live in a positive energy world, the people around you will also be positive, 
because they can feel you are connected with something special.

All this may sound strange and you may think that my mind is not clear, but I think we 
should learn again from the positive energy around us. We should learn something we 
forgot in the past and no longer know how to use anymore. What I am talking about is 
by no means new. It is something that we all have in us. On the day a human being is 
born, he or she is clean, free and positive.

Many people make a lot of money from things that we can have for free. Today, there
may are health practices, natural healers and all kinds of groups telling you to get
connected to all kinds of high spheres, provided you first pay huge sums of money 
for their teaching you……  NOTHING! Perhaps I have been too rude to these people 
in some of the chapters in this book. I believe that many of the problems of today are 
the result of our world leaders, churches and scientists. These people try to dominate 
our lives so they can get the power, because they think that power is important in life. 
They have turned to a wrong way of living, a virtual life, and now there is no way back
for them or they will lose face. So by telling us lies and showing us manipulated 
material, they try to convince us that they are right. My chapters are very clear about 
this and maybe too hard for some people. But I believe it is time that the eyes of some 
get opened.

In my life so far, I have been a person of action and I believe that there are situations
in which one should wake people up. So now is the time for me to wake you up and 
let you see what is really happening here on earth.

These chapters are not only telling you what is wrong. On the contrary, I like to present 
you a solution by showing you a way to make your life into a beautiful stay here on 
earth. This earth is a beautiful place to learn and you should enjoy life. You should only 
see through the real rules in life. I will show you that way and give you the solution for 
all your health problems, the problems that you have created yourself.

Do you still believe that I am telling stories? It is up to you, and only you can change 
your own life. Only you can do this and so find your own way in this beautiful life.

(Chapter 115)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


A special thanks for all the people who support this site.


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