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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 114 -

I think we should gather things, so as to get the big picture. In all these thousands of 
years, it looks as if we, humans still don't get it and we cannot see the big picture yet.
Going back in time, we can see that entire civilizations have come and gone, and 
great cultures have completely disappeared from earth.
- What happened?
- Where did they go?
- How was it possible?
These are the three key questions to be answered in this chapter.

When I read certain books and see what kinds of great cultures existed, for example 
those of the Mayas, Aztecs, Egyptians and Romans, and what they were capable of, 
it is almost unbelievable that they have gone. These people who were so advanced, 
knew the mysteries of the world and realized what is really going on in life. 
What happened, has been described elaborately: sickness, disasters and fights were 
the main reasons why these civilizations were lost forever. People got sick and major 
epidemics affected millions of people. Mother earth did also her part, as the disasters 
came and large pieces of land disappeared forever (e.g. Atlantis). But people also 
fought each other. They battled to gain possession of land, money, to own more things 
and thus gain more power. It was as if everyone was dominated by their ego, some 
wanting to be the king or queen and only a few being really happy, living their lives.

The high cultures were lost. All the knowledge, all the power they had, became a big 
problem for the simple creature that man is. However, these people had found out what
is really possible in life. Big mysteries came with a part of their life and in the end, they 
found out how to work with. I wrote several times that everything is possible. 
Man places himself below what he is capable of. He is not aware of what the world of 
energy can do for him. Abusing the world of energy leads nowhere. Because energy 
takes back what is not allowed in the law of nature. The civilizations that were capable 
of working with energy, went back to energy. They returned to earth and started to learn 
again how to manage the power of the Universe. As you know, not a single soul is lost 
and is forever in the Universal power. Time, lost, differences and power are in the world 
of energy only a part of wasted energy. If a part does not do its work, it has to start 
over again. The negative energy has to be converted into positive energy, so "lost" 
means nothing.

How is it possible that civilizations with so much knowledge disappeared? This brings 
me back to energy and its power. As you already know, our life and those who exist are 
built with the same elements of pure energy. In the past, these old civilizations achieved 
a great deal and discovered the building blocks and what life really means. Then a lot 
of things were possible. We can still see today the enormous constructions they created,
but also some old manuscripts. In those old civilizations, they found out how to work with
this power and with that, they reached a higher standard in life. Therefore, man found 
and got more power and thus an easy way of living. Then the turning point came, a point 
that is reached in all lost civilizations. The point of having power and an easy way of life. 
Look in all old books to see when things went wrong. When man abuses the power he 
has mastered. People were repressed, humiliated and lost. Some people just played 
with the power of energy and wanted more and more of it. You can read this in several 
old manuscripts and old books, which all describe how powerful people wanted to own
the world. But people who were lower down in the hierarchy also changed. For them, 
working was no longer important. They tried to collect money by stealing or taking it 
from others in an unfair way. People became alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes, 
and there was no respect for their soul mates, nor for others. There was even no 
respect for the source, the absolute energy field. Everything was possible and having 
faith in the power was lost. Man thought he could do everything himself. No need to think 
of others, just thinking of oneself, money and domination. We see this repeated time 
and again in history; they came, got powerful and were lost.

The same thing that made many civilizations rich and happy in life, but because they 
constantly wanted more, they lost everything.

Why are human beings so greedy and never satisfied? Why is nothing ever enough? 
Why shouldn't you work just for your income, be happy and have a good healthy life? 
Do human beings believe that they can control the energy field? It is sad to see how 
people live their lives and forget to be there for others. Look at the games played by 
big countries. They try to dominate others, in the name of a God or terrorism! With all 
our knowledge and the power we have, we again reach a point where we are lost in our 
system. Our civilization is losing every hold and is going down very fast. Look at the 
wars, people killing each other and the drugs that are taking over the word. 
People acting like animals. Having sex with anyone without respect for one another, 
also in groups. Let me make myself clear, I don't have problems when two people of 
the same sex love each other. However, in many acts there is no respect at all, neither 
for each other nor for other human beings in their environment. It is as if all sense of life 
has gone and people see life as one big party. Therefore we see the world is turning 
against us: the climate is changing, great disasters are happening, poison is around us, 
killing us. And last but not least, there is not enough food for all people! How long do we 
think we can go on like this? It's up to us and we should change it, because everything 
that happens, is created by us. How can we stop this? Very simple. Start today by no 
longer manipulating others, see life as a gift, stop making yourself sick, stop making 
problems and accept other people the way they are. This one sentence can change the 
world. Too simple? We should change our way of living and treat the energy with respect
and honor. That is how we can change everything. If you don't respect even a simple bug 
in your garden or a small tree, how dare you expect that our earth will respect you! 
We should have respect for the energy that we are all made of. With that, we can simply 
change the world, as soon as we start with our own energy. I guarantee you that the 
world around you and the world as a whole, will change as you are working/living the 
way I told you. Remember that our civilization should make a choice and make that turn.
I have started with myself and I hope that you will be the next to follow.

(Chapter 114)




"Being human is helping each other"


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