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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 113 -
Above everything

What do we think we are? Why do we, human beings think we stand above nature 
and other creatures? What does a human being think he is, what does he think life is?

In the world of Universe, there is no above or under, no high or low, and no nothing or 
everything! We are all made of the same building stones, which consists of energy, 
as you know. If you are capable of seeing energy, you can see that there are no 
differences between the energy of an animal, a plant or a human being. The only 
difference is the way it was built. It is the same way we build our houses, in different 
ways. Because everything is created from the same energy, it is easy to understand
life and to see what is really going on in life.

Let me elaborate a little on this. I hope you will see the bigger picture. Since we realized
that we could think, we wanted to find out the reason for our being here. How did we 
come in this life and how did everything start? We do our best to go into space and to 
go inside human bodies. So far, we have only been exploring new worlds, new places, 
which are far away or so small inside us that we hardly can imagine what we found. 
We always need to change our point of view and many times new theories have come 
up or were introduced. Just because we want an explanation for what we found and 
what we saw.

Several astronauts have gone into space and saw our earth in complete isolation. 
Isolated, but not quite alone. Some astronauts came back with other strange 
experiences, which they already had before they started the trip. The earth with all 
its problems, wars and pain, looks peaceful, beautiful and perfect when seen from 
space. All the negative energy had gone as they couldn't see it from up there. 
The negative energy created by humans. When we go inside ourselves, we can see 
the same peaceful world, working hard to get our body going, carrying out the 
commands it gets from the brain. It has to go on while making things possible.

As soon as we go deeper into space or in our body, we find the same world. 
Even when we see a single drop of blood under a microscope. Hold this thought for 
a few seconds, that peaceful world and imagine that world, right now this moment, 
while you are opening your eyes. Can you feel it? Do you notice that you are in the 
middle of a creation which YOU accept from life? You create the world around you and 
it is you who makes your world into a hell or a paradise. Is that hard to believe, 
to accept? I believe that this is the way it is. Otherwise, why is the complete Universe 
so peaceful and only the world around you so miserable, in your eyes? Because that 
is the kind of energy you are creating around yourself.

A small lesson from Mother Nature: a young bird is born and is there with two other 
youngsters in a comfortable nest, built by some proud parent birds. It looks so nice, 
the youngsters are growing fast and soon they can fly. As a larger bird passes this 
nest and sees these youngsters, it flies towards the nest, takes one young bird and 
eats it. The two others are frightened, but fortunately they manage to get away. 
A minute later the two youngsters and their parents are together again, trying to get 
food, as life goes on. 

What I want to tell here is the following: these birds and 
Mother Nature live from second to second, as a part of the complete energy. 
When that little one was eaten by a bigger bird, it was the law of that energy. 
The two youngsters with their parents continued. They dealt with it for some seconds 
and went on with their lives. You see that everything is part of the same energy and 
energy gives and takes. In nature, there are no weeks, months or years of thinking 
about what went wrong or why this is happening to us. In nature, everything goes on, 
everything is working together to get further.

In the human world, we forget the connection with energy, we do not believe in that 
power.  Even when we see it from outer space and even when we can see it under 
the microscope. We still believe that we are no longer a part of energy. We do not 
need it any longer and we think we can do everything by ourselves. These astronauts 
saw the truth, saw the real energy and also saw that we were not alone. 
Even Mr. Einstein with all his knowledge, saw in the last part of his life that there was 
much more that he could not explain in formulas and therefore he went quiet and rested. 
The energy, which is the building stone of everything we can see and feel, is our life. 
As soon as we can see the energy around us, we will see that our neighbor, that animal
and that particular flower are ONE! Then we are back on track and the world of human 
beings can be rebuilt and continue along the long path it has to follow.

We are no more and no less than everything we see around us. That dust, that flower 
or that small animal, are all part of us! There is no world without energy and thus there 
are no human beings without energy.

The minute you really see this, all limits are gone and everything is possible. Just faith?
No, it is a world that exists, the world we are in: ENERGY.

(Chapter 113)




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