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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 112 -
Talking with animals

From the day I came here on earth, I could hear strange voices. Except of the voices 
of my parents, there were others. From the moment I could walk, those voices kept 
coming and telling me stories. When I was playing in our garden, they taught me how 
to live and how to be one of them. These voices come from Mother Nature, plants and 
animals. They were not normal conversations, but wisdom we forgot existed. 
They were lessons from Nature, which have been helpful for me throughout my life.

Lately, I  stood up to get some dolphins free and back in the wild. They are still in a 
small basin, waiting until the time has come to take them back to the place where they 
belong. Waiting patiently, because a human being does not know the power of  Nature. 
In the meantime, they can hear, see and feel what some human creatures are doing 
to them. The dolphins are just waiting while human beings are acting like this, for these 
people are lost. I receive the energy, the feelings and the whine of these animals, and I 
understand what they are saying. I can hear their stories, what is happening to them, 
day in day out. As a human being, I can feel what they feel and that is very painful. 
But these animals are far above us in life. They know that they have been chosen to be 
there as a lesson for mankind, knowing time is just a human limit. For the dolphins, 
it will be over when the lesson is done and with that, just a small part of life has been 

They talk to me every day and thus I learn to stand far above the people who are so 
limited, pleasing their ego by catching and holding these wild animals. The same 
goes for the people who end the lives of these animals in Japan. They slaughter them 
for the money and also for fun. All animals know how nature is made, that's why they 
are far above human beings.

What makes human beings think that they are better than all other creatures of 
Mother Nature? What is the reason why human beings believe they are above them? 
Would that be matter, fame or money? The animals keep telling me, and I keep writing, 
that it is human beings who should learn a lot and realize what is really going on in life.

When I talk with them, I apologize for being a human being myself. I cannot understand
what they, the other people, are doing. Those animals told me that I was a chosen one, 
one of the people who are the connection between nature and human. Chosen! 
No, on the contrary, I don't see it that way, because I have to learn many things that 
I cannot understand yet. Things I cannot tell others and that are far above my imagination.
"Don't learn", they said to me, "Believe, believe that it's there, we will show you". 
With this, I am following a path of animals, in a world of Mother Nature.

I speak with them, but most of the time, I just listen. Listen to what I have to believe.

And I . keep following.

(Chapter 112)




"Being human is helping each other"


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