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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 111 -
Considerations (part five)

   If every human being is a temple, as so many people say, why are so many 
   temples degenerated?

   A human being; the temple of light, a life on its own but serving the total Universe. 
   Why are so many people without food, in terrible pain and having lost their way in 
   life completely?
   Being part of that one Universal life means, respecting others and helping them 
   whenever possible. You can be the one who shows others a new path in life.

   Why are you keeping so much to yourself? Is there something you're afraid of? 
   There is enough to survive and you will see that the more you give and the more you 
   help others, the more you will receive in life.

   It is painful to see people who don't see a way out in this life. Why do they choose 
   to be in such a situation? It's because we have to see and feel when things are going 
   wrong in this system. As long as we get these signs, we know we are not following 
   the right path.

   I wrote a lot about signs. But can you see them now? Are you aware what is going 
   wrong around you? How many people are in pain because they can't please the 
   needs of their own ego? Wake them up; let them see that there is more, much more 
   in life than material things, being famous and having power.

   The most Universal people lead a retired life. They quietly do the work they like, listen 
   and help other people around them. That makes a good soul into a master.

   All that writing, selling books, all these seminars with lots of talking, all these spiritual 
   leaders and presumed great masters, is mostly based on one thing: pleasing the ego.

   When I sit here in front of  my computer with all my know-how, all my strength and all the 
   dimensions I work in, I just have one question: Why me? What can I do for the 5 billion 
   other people on earth?

   Earth consists of two worlds. World one where there is enough food and material 
   things, throwing away what they don't need. World two is a place full of pain without 
   food and nothing around them, with people who have to live from what comes their way 
   that moment. With all the pain they have, I believe these people are much further than 
   we are. Their soul is ready to sacrifice, showing us our mistakes, knowing that all this
   is a matrix in which many people hurt each other.

   In nature, killing is to get food to survive. We humans kill for fun, for pleasure and 
   our own ego.

   I often say that I'm ashamed to be a human being, and I'm ashamed to be part
   of this.

   What can we do against all that pain and these endless wars? The answer is simple: 
   don't fight and don't hurt. That's positive energy and that will lead its way everywhere.

   In thousands of years, not once a war was ended. Not once a war ended in victory. 
   In all those thousands of years, we humans have learned nothing!

   As long as we see people around us as pieces of flesh and blood, there will be never
   an understanding between us. If you can see people as energy fields, you will see that 
   they are part of you.

   We pollute ourselves and our children. We kill nature and destroy everything that is 
   not useful to us. Our system is at its end and doesn't see a way back. That is when 
   we, human beings, being a part of the Universe, can show what is possible and what 
   real life is.

   I'm not afraid, honestly, I'm not afraid. Why? Nothing can happen to us because we 
   are made of pure energy. Energy can never be destroyed and so our lives never end. 
   Everything we do will forever be a part of our complete energy. I'm not afraid.

   Blind, I cannot see. Terrible? Yes, but I'm blind through my eyes, but I can't ever be 
   blind because of my energy.

   People who miss a leg or an arm, talk about pain in the body part that is no longer 
   there in the flesh. But in our energy field, it's not gone and it's still there and so our 
   feelings, heart and soul can feel the pain as it is there.

   Energy, everything is energy. Our most important food in life is not food taken through 
   the mouth, but light, the building stone of our energy field. Energy is light and if you can 
   accept that you are an energy field, nothing can happen to you.

   Billions of dollars are spent on food, people eat so much that you could build, as a 
   matter of speaking, create a second body or a third one from all that overweight flesh 
   and bones. It's money wasted for we take all that food simply because the 
   system wants us to, so it can make its billions.

   If we eat normal portions and just what our body needs, we can feed two worlds.

   Animals can talk, plants are listening and nature is one big family. Why do we human 
   beings make such a big mess?

   The end, it's over, we are there, dead end, no way back, dark side of our life; these 
   words can be heard almost every day. Do you feel the negative energy when you 
   read these words?

   I'm writing a lot because my mission is to put as much as possible on paper, to help 
   others to feel and open the path to another dimension. Because I live between 
   different dimensions, it's possible for me to write, draw and make sculptures and so 
   to serve the Universe.

   An energy field of a human being has to cope with a lot. When I came here, I knew for
   sure that this will be my exam, my final part here on earth. I took the challenge and 
   came back. Not as a key figure such as a high priest, as I was before, or some other 
   great human being, but as an energy field without power. My goal and what I want to 
   show, is that every person here on earth can make differences if he wants!

   My end is near, my earthly life is done, my flesh and blood are telling me it's over. 
   But don't be afraid, my energy will never leave this earth.

   A paradise is what you see, feel and create. A hell is if you accept everything and let 
   others do the work.

(Chapter 111)




"Being human is helping each other"


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