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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 110 -

The world is one big paradise. We have everything around us and nothing is missing: 
blue sky, clear water, light as much as we want. We have people around us, 
all species of animals on land and in the sea, plants full of colors and in many different 
varieties. This is paradise!

Why is it that we sometimes cannot see this place as paradise? There are many 
people who think it is hell. They think it is the worst place to be, dark clouds, dirty water, 
everything is grey and dark. They feel alone in this world, with only sick people around 
them, having lots of troubles. It is a complete different view of this world.

At this moment, I am sitting on my porch overlooking a small village, with the blue 
Caribbean Sea in the distance. There are a few clouds and the sun is shining. 
Everything is green, because the last weeks we had a lot of rain. All plants are 
coming up with their different colors and shapes. Some people are walking to the 
village to buy some food. The birds are singing all day long and as you can guess, 
I don't need a radio to get some relaxing music. The songs of the birds are the best 
music I can get. Young birds come to the table, begging for food. One of our 
domestic animals, an anole, sits near me and looks as if it is telling me the story 
of its life. Some falcons are brooding in a tree and in a few weeks, the young ones 
will come out of their eggs. You can see, the nature is in full swing. Plants are growing 
so fast with all the rain, it will soon look like a jungle. This is the situation I am in while 
I am writing this chapter. As you see, I am sitting here in a paradise with everything 
around me. Why do I have this all, while my neighbors are having a "hard time"?

My neighbors live in the same environment as I do. They have a nice house and all 
those things around them too. There is only one difference: they do not feel or see the 
beauty in their environment. Their minds are all set on earning money and their children 
are irritating, because the parents have no time. To these neighbors, the world is like 
a hell right now. A hell created by themselves and generated by the stress they have, 
because they dream of getting more money and a bigger house.

Every day is a holiday for me, because I allow myself to take the time and watch the 
birds, hear them sing and talk to my anole beside me. Money cannot change that for 
me, because what I need, I will get. So why should I make more money, if I am already 
living in paradise? To buy another paradise? Better, bigger, greater, and so on? 
No, I believe I am in an ultimate life, a life which is the best I can get.

Let me explain something before you think I am a millionaire who is living on his fortune. 
My life was full of surprises: a long time ago I was rich, having so much money that 
I thought it would never run out. I continued to need more money all the time. In the end, 
I got very sick and with that, I lost all my money. I was broken. Now, I have a small 
income. I do not ask money for my drawings or sculptures, neither for helping others. 
My small income is enough to live on. With this small income, I can see the real world 
behind the hell of the money-making industry. I have found the connection with the 
nature again and I now have people around me who really love me. The money and 
the negative input of our system have faded away. My health has returned and light has 
come into my life. The sun is shining again, the same sun that seemed so dark
 years ago. But most importantly, I can hear the birds singing again. The birds that 
were always around, but I was no longer able to hear. The plants are growing faster 
than before, because the light I give them is the food they need. Life is completely 
changed and the dark hell of a life I had with no way out, has now become a life in 
paradise, full of surprises, full of light and music.

I know that it is difficult to see paradise when you think there is no way out. But there 
is always a way out, and there is always a path leading to your own paradise, if you 
want! It is important that you listen, feel and see that path. Time after time, you will 
get the signs, feelings and pictures, telling you what you should do to turn your hell 
into paradise. But it is you who has to do it. Nobody can help you, not even the most 
expensive psychiatrist or doctor. The pills you get from them, will just bring you down 
even more and take you further away from your path.

It is there, paradise, but it is up to you to follow the path to it. Clouds will disappear and 
the sea will be blue again. The birds will sing for you the most beautiful songs you have 
ever heard. It is just up to you. If I can do it, everybody can do it and with that positive 
input, we can turn this world into one big paradise.

(Chapter 110)




"Being human is helping each other"


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