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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 11 -

A world together

The world we live in, has changed a great deal over the past thousands of years. 
Especially when it comes to the way human beings live. They live alongside each 
other and see others only from a distance. If you look at how the system works, you 
will notice how contradictory it is. On the one hand, the system puts people together
in large buildings in big cities, trying to gain power over them. On the other hand, 
people live only for themselves and care only for their own lives. Fewer and fewer 
people care about others. We only need to open a newspaper to read the terrible 
and incredible stories that prove this. Humans in pain, homeless, people in deep 
trouble and nobody caring for them. In a world with 6 billion human beings, there is 
often no help for others; people are no longer there for each other. This all makes 
this world full of people an empty one.

In the past, we worked together because we needed each other. Hunting, fishing 
or building a place to sleep: we did all these things together. It was "together we will 
survive". This has disappeared in the modern world. There is a reason and you know 
what it is? A single country dominating the world. This country did not fight for its life; 
its wars were only to get more land and more domination. They killed native people 
for their land. Not once was that country in a world war where people only survived 
because they stuck together! This country is now telling the world how to live. Its 
leaders make the rules and the rules decide who has the right to survive on earth.
The rules are only there to protect their own country, or so they say. Instead, this
country is turning human life into something useless. You do not need a name any 
longer, you will get a number at birth and that will suffice. A number! A human being 
is not worth more than a number! So they act like numbers and humanity is gone.

The people around you are enemies, but you do not have to kill them, just eliminate 
them by taking their money or jobs away. This way, you climb in life, which is no more
than a world full of numbers, like the matrix. Teambuilding is no more than manipulating 
people to do jobs for you, for your own benefit. It is not really a team, because when
 you show your own input you will be out! Then, you are their enemy. Mankind is 
dominated by only a few people.
Being human, seeing and believing in each other, is not easy. Without this belief in one 
another, we are left with pain and sickness.

Thinking "I will do it by myself" doesn't work, because WE NEED EACH OTHER. 
These days, working is merely a way to get money and working to create a better life 
as a human being, is no longer there. I call this the "I" world. One letter dominating the 
whole world! One letter, replacing the most important word, which we no longer believe 
in: "WE". We have to do everything together. "We" can change the world and get us 
back on track. It's "we" who have to work with each other, not to take each other's jobs, 
but by building something great here on earth together. We must rebuild Humanity.

In the world of Universal energy, everything is built on "we". Everything is important 
and everything needs everything else. We need sun, water, dust, air, plants, animals,
humans, et cetera, to complete our job here on earth. NOT the job to get rich, not the 
job to get further in life. If you connect to the Universal energy, you will feel strength 
entering your body. If people around you do the same, you will feel absolute power. 
A power that never stops. It gives you the possibility to do everything that is in your 
mind. The "I" world dominates today, because people believe that they do not need 
Universal energy. The "I" people have to come back over and over again to learn 
only one lesson: Believe in other people and in Universal energy.

Accepting the energy of the Universe and seeing that every human being is unique, 
will give you a new way of life: Another kind of life, where you have to learn to work 
with this energy. We can do it, but only "we": It is impossible to do it by yourself in
your "I" world!
The Universe does not know the word "I", it only recognises "we". I will end this 
chapter with a slogan that I have been using for years and perhaps you will now 
know what to do with your life:

"Being human is helping each other"

(Chapter 11) 




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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