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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 109 -
The world of negative energy

Maybe it was not such a good idea to include this chapter in the book. After long 
consideration, I believed that I should do it. Not so long ago, I came across some 
photographs which keep going through my mind. Western and eastern people write 
a lot, read a lot and think we know almost everything about life. We fight and have 
wars. There are many sick people and the system is failing completely. This is not a 
cheerful message. I believe I need to show what negative energy can do and it is best
to see this while you are in a positive energy field.

There is a lot going on and I know for sure that energy can achieve everything you 
have in mind. This means that we can also use our energy in a negative way. We only 
need to look around us to see that the entire system is based on negative input. 
A world always consists of positivism and negativism, light and dark, et cetera. 
That is the reason why I think I should write about the worst things we do, as human 
beings, against our own species. People are dying of starvation or are killed by wars. 
There are no sufficient medicine supplies and many are treated like animals. The worst 
part in life is hard, but we allowed this with our negative energy and we have therefore 
let others down badly. It is true that we can choose the life we want and the life we can 
handle. We build our own future, our own path, but there is one question: Why do we 
think we have the right to do this to others and in that way, to our own energy? We all 
did this, because we are so negatively loaded. There are people on this earth who 
cannot manage the negative energy we live in. It should be a normal thing to help them, 
to be there when they need us. We should give them the power to go on, to come out of 
that darkness. We are all from the same Universe and part of the same energy. 
Together, we are one with all those billions of people. Why do we let our other part 
down? Materialism, domination and a sick mind are capable of doing this to others 
who are weak and not so lucky as to live like we do. You may say that they chose it. 
That may be true, but even the worst animal's life is better than what we do to people 
in places without food, causing starvation. I know this is painful, but I believe it should 
be written down what people are capable of doing against their own species. I cannot 
and do not want to believe that we have sunken so deeply, doing this to others.

There are many more examples and painful truths, but I believe these few lines suffice
to show exactly how this system works. 

In doing so, I hope that whenever you read about the perfect system, the perfect world 
and the billions spent on wars, you will know what is really going on in this world. 
This world is in a deep crisis, it is filled with negative energy, and it is up to us to give 
all human beings the same opportunities in life, filled with positive energy.

Please, change your point of view and be truly human.
"Being human is helping each other".

(Chapter 109)




"Being human is helping each other"


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