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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 108 -
If God could talk

   - What if God could talk?
   - What would he want to tell us?
   - If there were a God with whom we could talk, what would be his message?
This will be the shortest chapter I ever wrote. Why? As I already wrote before, there is 
no such God as the God many people believe in. God is not a person, not somebody 
who can talk and he does not have a message, because he doesn't exist in the way 
most people think!

A great deal has been written about and there are many old documents based on 
a God as someone who is watching us, to see if we do right or wrong. All of that is 
based on a faith that was created to manipulate and to gain power over people. 
A supernatural being was invented, who sits high above us and can see if we do 
everything in the right way. BUT God is not a person above you, God is IN you! God 
is yourself, your own flesh and blood, the world inside you. God is not only you, but 
also your children, your father, your mother and your neighbors. God is in every 
person and it is the energy that gives you the power to go on and to find a path in your 
own life. God is energy and your guidance in life. Believing in God is not believing in a 
church or believing in an almighty being. Believing in God is believing in your own power 
and the path you should go. Everybody has to accomplish the task that the Core has 
reserved for them. You have to do this by yourself and therefore you will find a path to 
your higher self. That higher self will take you to a more complete energy field that gives 
you, in turn, more possibilities to see and to go deeper in life. See life? Yes, see what 
life means and what it has to do in the energy field of the Core. Go deeper in life? 
Yes, deeper in life, because life is not outside us, but life is in us. In a world of no time, 
there is no far away or deep inside, everything is near us. The minute we can see that, 
we have reached the point where we can go further, or in my terminology "going deeper 
in life".

God is not a person, not the almighty one who tells you what to do. God is yourself, 
your energy, which will lead you to wherever you want to go in life. Believing in God is
fine, as long as you do not see it as a person who will solve your problems. 
It's YOU who has to solve all the things that come on your path and there is no God, 
Allah or Buddha who can or will help you. Moreover, all of these are energy fields that 
you can work with. It may be hard to realize, but I think it is time people open their eyes 
and see what others are doing in the name of God and therefore in the name of
themselves! Do not be afraid, the moment you came on this earth, you already knew 
everything that will come across your path is there, because it's what you chose! 
You made the moves yourself, it's you who walks the different paths. NO ONE else 
could have made those decisions for you, it's you who chose that path. You have to
fulfill your task, because in life you never get more than you can take. The confidence 
you have in your inner God, your inner field, will lead you through this beautiful life and 
it will take you to places you cannot imagine.

God as a person? No, God is yourself, that's what God is and that is the God that will 
lead you. Your own energy, your own world inside you, that is what God is!

(Chapter 108)




"Being human is helping each other"


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