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World of positive energy

"The World of positive energy"


Chapter - 107 -

I am sitting here at my desk, typing the chapters. Most of the time, I do not know what
will come or where to begin. Maybe it is interesting to tell you the way I work.

When I sit in front of my PC, I always have a tendency to write. I want to put things on 
my screen and write what I think about them. Above all, I want to put down the words 
I receive from somewhere way outside myself. Way outside myself? By this I mean 
that when I start, I do not know what will come up. Often it starts just with a single 
word and that gets me going. Following my feelings, I go deeper and deeper into the 
subject and I always get the examples from the world in which we live right now. 
For me, it is an incredible idea that I am putting my feelings on screen for others to 
read. In that way, I want to try and help others. Those are my feelings and the way I 
see what is going on in this world. Perhaps it opens people's eyes and maybe you 
will find an answer to your problem in one of these chapters. When I start, I do not 
know where the chapter is leading to. Most of the time, I don't even know what I'm 
writing about and I just let my fingers go where my heart and soul are leading them. 
Apart for my drawings and sculptures, writing is another tool for me to reveal the 
feelings I have deep down inside me. My sculptures, with a few lines and sterile 
forms, express the connection I have with my other world. My drawings are 
sometimes a connection between human and animal, but I have also drawn human 
beings who are deep into the world of the Universe. I mostly write about feelings, 
thoughts and of course the words I get from my higher self. There are some parts 
of the text that may look very strange, not from this time. Because of those texts, 
many people think I am no longer of this world. But for me, all this is the key and the 
gate to a better life. Why do I know that? Simply because I am in the middle of that life. 
It is just another way of living and there are certainly others who see this way of life. 
It is sad to notice that most of the people who also see life in this way, want to make 
money out of it. They sell their books expensively, organize seminars and all kinds of 
activities, just to tell the truth, which is free. Even movies are being made, showing 
you how to get rich, as long as you keep believing. It is amazing that people are 
making money out of something that is free. This is the reason why I do not ask money 
from people who read my knowledge. I don't even ask money for my sculptures and 
drawings. Money is something that belongs to this earthly life and is made to dominate 
others. I believe in a world in which people help one another and are there for each 
other. A place where we can work on a higher level, to get to another dimension, 
using our energy to get on in life. This also means that we will not be sick anymore. 
Sickness is something based on this system and all the stress, which in turn, is made 
of negative energy. Our bodies cannot take all this any longer, and therefore cancer, 
aids and other chronic diseases appear and prevent the human race from 
progressing. Isn't it clear that we are getting sick easier, time after time? 
Even young children cannot handle this earthly life. Because the whole system is 
based on stress and negativism.

When you read the different points of view, your eyes may open. Perhaps you believe 
that I am a bit mad. That's fine, as long as I am able to write down my thoughts and the 
messages I get from my deeper self.  I do not want to change your life, your family life 
or the way you think. I believe that once you have read these chapters, a message will 
have entered your brain, which will make a big difference later in life.

I do not stand above human beings. I do not feel greater than others. I do not want to get 
more power or be a guru. All these things are products from a sick ego. A sick point of 
view that many people have. For me, it is important that my chapters and drawings 
reach into other people's lives. There is only one goal for me, which is to write and
create as many chapters, drawings and sculptures as possible. Through those, others 
can feel and see what is behind this life. These connections, which are not understood 
at the moment, will be later prove to be a gate into the next dimension. The next 
dimension that brings us further in a life in which human beings will once again live 
peacefully with each other. The dimension where people write down and tell us what 
we should do. They will teach us and show us the path how to live, without making 
money out of it. 

I am not writing to get money, fame or domination. I write because these chapters 
emerged from me and may show others a path they can go. I write from my heart, 
placing my soul on paper, that's all.

(Chapter 107)




"Being human is helping each other"


Please enjoy this site, learn the way of never-ending health and for living a better life 
by finding your path in a World of Positive Energy.


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